Chapter 207: A Little Too Far (1)


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Lu Zijia, who jumped off the cliff and took the “Namo Buddha Lotus” growing on the cliff, made sure that she disappeared from the sight of the people above, then used the Wind Spell to slow down her falling speed.

After landing safely, Lu Zijia didn’t stay for long.
She immediately found a way out of the bottom of the cliff.

The “Namo Buddha Lotus” was a spiritual plant and it was very useful for Martial Artists.
Since those Martial Artists wouldn’t give up so easily.
She had to go back quickly and clear her suspicion.

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia moved even faster.

Ten minutes later, Lu Zijia appeared at the village entrance again.

“How’s it going now?” Lu Zijia walked to Song Zixuan, who was obviously worried, and asked.

“Damn! When… When did you come back? You don’t make any sound when you walk! Don’t you know it can scare people?”

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Song Zixuan, who was absent-minded, was startled when he suddenly heard a voice next to him.

When he saw that it was Lu Zijia, he immediately got furious.

Seeing how overreacted he was, Lu Zijia glanced at him speechlessly.
“There are so many people here, but you’re still scared.
You’re really impressive.

“If you really see ghosts, would you be scared out of your wits immediately?”

This guy looked fierce, but he was actually a coward.

He really grew his body but not his gut.
What a waste of a good body!

Lu Zijia sighed in her mind and showed a look of pity on the outside.

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Even without guessing, Song Zixuan knew that what she was thinking in her mind right now was definitely not something good!

“Who said I’m cowardly? I was just thinking about something just then! You suddenly appeared like a ghost.
Anyone would be shocked, alright?”

Song Zixuan tried his best to defend himself.
He was a man after all.
How would he admit that he was afraid of that kind of thing in front of a woman?

That would totally ruin his manhood!


Lu Zijia glanced at him with obvious suspicion on her pure and gorgeous face.

She had clearly sensed that this guy’s heartbeat suddenly sped up just then and he still hadn’t calmed down completely even now.
Apparently, he was quite frightened.

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It was normal for ordinary people to be afraid of those things.
Why did he have to deny it?

Lu Zijia was speechless and confused about Song Zixuan’s stubbornness.


Noticing her obvious suspicion, Song Zixuan gritted his teeth and felt that his fists were itching.
He really wanted to punch that annoying little face.

Song Zixuan thought that if he stayed with Lu Zijia for a long time, he would definitely have a heart attack soon!

Seeing his pretentious and threatening look, Lu Zijia shrugged speechlessly and said casually, “Alright, alright, if you say so!”

Seeing Lu Zijia’s “as-long-as-you-are-happy” look, Song Zixuan only felt like he was punching cotton.
He couldn’t be more frustrated!

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“You still haven’t told me how it’s going right now?”

Lu Zijia didn’t continue talking nonsense with him and returned to the main topic.

Song Zixuan immediately felt even more frustrated when he saw Lu Zijia act like nothing had happened after pissing him off.

However, he still replied, “The police arrived ten minutes ago.
They should be checking on the situation on the mountain right now.
There should be news soon.

“Right, where did you go just then?”

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