Chapter 205: Fighting for the Spiritual Plant (4)

Looking at the person in front of him who seemed to be covered with a thin veil, Mu Tianyan frowned slightly without being noticed.

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He couldn’t see how powerful this person was, let alone the face hidden behind the thin veil.

What trick exactly was it?

Before this mysterious person appeared in front of him, he was 60% sure that he could get the “Namo Buddha Lotus.”

However, when this mysterious person that he couldn’t see through showed up, the 60% certainty instantly became 30%.

“Fellow, if you want to get the Namo Buddha Lotus, why don’t you compete with us fairly?

“Aren’t you being a bit too despicable by using poison to sneak attack the others?”

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Mu Yunhao wasn’t as furious as that rough man, but he was still a bit dissatisfied with Lu Zijia’s behavior of poisoning people.

This was an area where ordinary people lived.
It would be a huge problem if it affected ordinary people.

Hearing what Mu Yunhao said “righteously,” Lu Zijia rolled her eyes in disdain.

This guy had the nerve to say that she was a despicable person.
Don’t think she didn’t see that it was this guy who did those sneaky things just then.

She was just making use of the opportunity to beat those people who were wasting time with pleasure.

They wanted to achieve the same goal.
Why did she become such a despicable person?

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This guy seemed quite upright.
He couldn’t be a hypocrite, could he?

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but take a few more glances at Mu Yunhao, as if she wanted to see through his nature.

Even though Mu Yunhao couldn’t see Lu Zijia’s face, he could still feel her gaze.
He couldn’t help but frown, as if he was very dissatisfied with her gaze.

“My name is Mu Yunhao.
I’m not under any sect.
How should I call you, friend?” Although Mu Yunhao was dissatisfied with Lu Zijia’s direct gaze, he still controlled himself at this moment.

Lu Zijia rolled her eyes again indecently when she saw that Mu Yunhao was obviously trying to find out more about her.

She would only answer his question if she was a fool!

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Lu Zijia glanced at the dozens of Martial Artists fighting crazily in the distance without being noticed.
She thought in her mind, “There’s not much time left.
I must make a move quickly.”

Mu Yunhao, who still didn’t get a reply from Lu Zijia, couldn’t help frowning even more deeply.

However, when he was about to continue talking, the mysterious person in front of him suddenly moved.

Lu Zijia knew very well that with her current level, she was no match for Mu Yunhao yet.
Besides, they had more people on their side, so it was even less advantageous.

So, she put her attention on the other three Martial Artists, who were only at the second level of Ancient Martial Arts.

Seeing Lu Zijia rushing towards them, the three furious Martial Artists immediately went forward without thinking and attacked Lu Zijia with fierce moves.

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“Second Master, should we do something?”

Mu Yunhao couldn’t figure out what Lu Zijia was trying to do for a second, so he asked Mu Tianyan.

Mu Tianyan didn’t answer him.
He stared at the mysterious figure with a deep gaze, as if he was lost in thought.

Without receiving any order, Mu Yunhao didn’t join the battle recklessly and only watched the fight in front of him carefully.

Noticing that Mu Tianyan and the others had no intention of joining the fight, Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling delighted in her mind.

Lu Zijia seemed to be struggling to deal with the three Martial Artists as she retreated to the edge of the cliff without being noticed.

Seeing that Lu Zijia was forced to retreat step by step, the three Martial Artists were extremely proud in their minds, so they attacked even more mercilessly, as if they wanted to beat her down the cliff before letting her go.

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