Chapter 201: Master Lu Who Was Innocent

Song Zixuan, who didn’t feel comforted at all, but got goosebumps instead: “!!!”

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This woman must be threatening him on purpose, so that he would buy more Blessing Talismans!

Right, right, that must be it!

In fact, Lu Zijia was telling the truth.

Unexpectedly, she was misunderstood instead…

If Lu Zijia knew what Song Zixuan was thinking in his mind, she would definitely tell him that she was truly innocent!

“I want… three… Blessing Talismans!”

Song Zixuan, who firmly believed that Lu Zijia was truly intimidating him, could be said to be gritting his teeth as he spoke.
He even glared at Lu Zijia fiercely while waiting at the traffic light.

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He looked so vicious as if he had a grudge against her.

Lu Zijia was confused as he stared at her.
Apparently, she didn’t understand why he suddenly became so weird when he was fine just then.

Ah, men in this world changed their expressions really fast.

However, even though she found his change of attitude strange, there was no reason for her to miss a business opportunity, right?

Three talismans were worth 300,000 yuan.
Together with the five talismans she sold before, it would be 800,000 yuan.

Tut-tut, making a lot of money and some extra money at the same time, it felt really great!

“I don’t have any prepared talismans with me right now.
I’ll definitely draw them for you as soon as I get back.

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“I’ll take it that you reserved three talismans right now.
Don’t worry, I definitely won’t forget.”

Lu Zijia promised solemnly.

Song Zixuan, who deeply felt like he was tricked, suddenly had the urge to drive the car into a ditch.

She didn’t have any talismans in her hands and she still threatened him.
This was totally too much!

Feeling the strong resentment from Song Zixuan, Lu Zijia glanced at him again inexplicably.

Didn’t she promise to draw talismans for him immediately when she got back? Why did he look even less energetic?

Lu Zijia shook her head and decided not to continue this topic.
Instead, she talked about the information she got from Qi Anyan and asked him to help her look into it.

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After hearing that, Song Zixuan said in frustration, “Why don’t you investigate it yourself?”

This despicable woman wouldn’t really treat him as her errand boy, would she?

Lu Zijia straightened her back and said naturally as if she was a Taoist Master, “I’m a master.
How can I do everything myself?

“Have you seen other masters do everything themselves? No, right?”

Song Zixuan suddenly felt that what Lu Zijia said seemed to make sense and he was speechless for a second…

Seeing that Song Zixuan was speechless, Lu Zijia immediately smiled with her eyes narrowed.
She was simply in a very good mood.

Apart from dealing with the matter of the Zhao family, she also wanted to go and see what kind of treasure could catch the attention of so many Martial Artists!

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Since she was destined to encounter it, she would be letting herself down if she didn’t fight for it.

She also felt so sorry for the golden pagoda that was always waiting for her to send resources into the space.

So, even if it wasn’t for himself, she had to work hard for her little golden pagoda!

Lu Zijia, who had found a just reason in her mind, could be said to have no pressure at all about participating in the fight with those Martial Artists for the treasure.

After all, she had to fight for resources in the cultivation world.
If she couldn’t beat the others, she could only blame herself for not being strong enough.

The car was going very fast and they soon arrived at Zhao Village.

However, when their car arrived at the entrance of Zhao Village, they noticed that something was wrong.

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