Chapter 191: Going to Meet Qi Anyan (1)

The fire at Zhao Hanlin’s house back then might not have been just an accident.
It was very likely that someone plotted a murder for money.

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According to the old lady’s description, it wasn’t difficult to know that people in the village would know Zhao Hanlin’s whereabouts as long as they paid attention.

The day before the fire, Qi Anyan took her one-year-old son back to her own family.
This shouldn’t be a secret.
People would know after asking around casually.

And Zhao Hanlin was also in town for business that day.
It was possible that he would be gone for a few days, so there was no one home at Zhao Hanlin’s house and it was naturally convenient for a thief to commit a crime.

Before that thief committed the crime, he must have gotten the information of the whereabouts of Zhao Hanlin’s family.

And yet, there was an incident in the middle of the incident.
Zhao Hanlin got back home early that night because he had to send the old lady, who twisted her foot, home.

Unexpectedly, he happened to meet the thief and the thief killed him.

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In order to hide his existence, the thief faked an accidental fire to destroy all the evidence.

Of course, this was only Lu Zijia’s current guess.
As for the truth, she still had to continue investigating.

However, she had a feeling that the evil spirit definitely had something to do with the fire back then.

After saying goodbye to the old lady, Lu Zijia pretended to leave but took another road to go to Zhao Hanlin’s burnt house.

Zhao Hanlin’s burnt house was a two-story building.
More than two decades ago, his family was in a very good financial situation.

Unfortunately, the two-story building was all burnt right now and half of it had collapsed after such a long time.
It looked totally like a small ruin.

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Lu Zijia stood in front of the ruins for a while and gradually frowned slightly.
There were even thoughts flashing through her eyes.

No, Zhao Hanlin’s home that was burnt down back then didn’t have a hint of dark energy and resentment.

If that evil spirit was Zhao Hanlin, this place wouldn’t have any dark energy at all.

Lu Zijia stood there for a while and left very quickly, heading to the third destination.

The third destination was the old house that Qi Anyan and her son were living in right now.

“Surprisingly, no dark energy either…”

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Lu Zijia looked at the house with mud walls that was less than 80 square foot in front of her as some thoughts flashed through her eyes again.

Soon, Lu Zijia rushed to the final destination — the hospital where Qi Anyan was staying at the moment.

Qi Anyan had already been transferred from the hospital in the city to the one in town yesterday, which was quite convenient for Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia asked the nurse at the front desk for information and directly walked to Qi Anyan’s ward.

“Who are you looking for?”

When Lu Zijia stood in front of the ward and was about to raise her hand to knock on the door, a gentle male voice sounded behind her.

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Lu Zijia turned around and saw a 23-year-old young man with an insulated box in his hand walking towards her as he looked at her curiously.

Lu Zijia saw that the young man was heading to the ward she was knocking on.
Together with his age, she soon guessed the young man’s identity.

“Hi, are you Mr.
Zhao, Zhao Hengliang?” Lu Zijia asked politely, then introduced herself right away, “I’m Lu Zijia.
I’m here to pay Madam Qi a visit on behalf of Zhao Wentian’s family.”

Hearing Lu ZIjia’s introduction, Zhao Hengliang immediately let down his slightly vigilant mind.

He greeted Lu Zijia enthusiastically right away, “Uncle Zhao sent you here.
How kind of him.

“Please tell Uncle Zhao that my Mom is doing a lot better.
She’ll be discharged after a couple more days.”

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