Chapter 190: Suspicious Points of the Incident (8)

“Also, on the day that happened to Hanlin, he was in town to talk about business with someone.
However, he saw that I twisted my ankle, so he put his business aside on purpose and took me, this old lady, to the doctor.
He even sent me home in person.

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“How could such a good kid be gone all of a sudden?” the old lady said as tears welled up in her eyes.
Apparently, she still couldn’t forget about this incident after so many years.

“Yet, one good turn deserves another.
The blessings Hanlin got before he passed away all fell on his wife and son.

“His wife immediately got sick as she was overwhelmed by the huge blow back then.
She had been ill for so many years since then.

“The property left by Hanlin has already been used up a long time ago.
Luckily, another kind man appeared in Zhao Village.

“Oh, that kind man is the richest person in Zhao Village right now, Zhao Wentian.

“Zhao Wentian has been helping Hanlin’s son and wife with money and effort these years.
If it weren’t for Zhao Wentian, that widow and her son would probably have…”

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Speaking of this, the old lady sighed heavily again.

“It’s my fault.
I’m too useless to help them with anything.

“Ah, people are useless when they get old!”

According to what the old lady said, she apparently wanted to help Qi Anyan and her son.
And yet, she had the heart but not the power to do so, so she had always been guilty in her mind all these years.

“How can you say that? Granny, you have wonderful skills in weaving baskets.
I envy you so much.” Lu Zijia smiled as she pointed at the basket in the old lady’s hands, which was halfway done.

How would the old lady not know that this girl was only saying something nice to comfort her?

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Seeing that the old lady obviously didn’t believe her, Lu Zijia looked even more serious and sincere.

“It’s true.
I was born in a village.
My grandmother taught me how to weave a basket when I was small.

“But I couldn’t do it no matter what.
I was so sad at that time that I even lost 5kg because of this!”

Lu Zijia made it sound so real and her expression was also on point.
It truly couldn’t be seen that she was just making up stories.

However, it was good to make up stories.

As expected, the old lady smiled happily after hearing that.

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“Ah, girl, you’re really good at talking.
That’s very sweet of you.”

After comforting the old lady for a while, Lu Zijia suddenly changed the subject and asked curiously, “Granny, you said that Mr.
Hanlin came to town for business back then.

“Then, do you know how long it usually took when he headed out for business? Or would he stay in town for a couple days before going home?”

The old lady wasn’t close to Zhao Hanlin, but she knew a bit about this.

Even though the old lady found it strange that Lu Zijia would ask about these things, she still answered her.

After all, he wasn’t alive anymore.
It wasn’t a big deal even if she talked about it.

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“I’m not sure what kind of business Hanlin did exactly, but he might be gone for business, sometimes for a day and sometimes for several days.”

Hearing that, a glint of light flashed through Lu Zija’s eyes.
She asked again, “Did many people in the village know when Mr.
Hanlin went out for business?”

The old lady nodded.

“Yeah, every time Hanlin headed out for business, he would put on a suit and drive his grand car.

“The whole village knew that he was heading out for business again every time we saw him leave like that.”

Thinking about the past, the old lady felt nostalgic.

Hearing more and more information, there was already a brief guess in Lu Zijia’s mind.

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