Chapter 179: My Safety Will Depend on You

Lu Zijia ignored the man’s words selectively and reminded him seriously, “You can’t use your internal energy anymore.

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“Otherwise, even if I save you, you’ll only be able to be a real disabled or dead person in the future.”

Cracks had already appeared on Mu Tianyan’s dantian when he forced himself to use his internal energy before.

If he used his internal energy again forcibly, either his dantian would be completely damaged and he wouldn’t be able to practice Martial Arts again from now on, or he would die instantly because of the poison.

Either way, it wouldn’t end well.

Mu Tianyan didn’t react much to Lu Zijia’s reminder, as if he had known his condition already.

And yet, he said something that surprised everyone there again, “Then, my safety will depend on you.”

Mu Yunhao and the others: “…”

Did the Second Master lose confidence in them and have no faith in their ability to protect him?

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In a blink, the gazes of Mu Yunhao and the others all landed on Lu Zijia at the same time.

Noticing their slightly resentful gazes, the originally twitching corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth twitched even more seriously right away.

“Second Master must be joking.
I think you better rely on them.
After all, there are more of them.
Even if they can’t beat the enemies, they can still sacrifice themselves, can’t they?”

Her alone against Mu Yunhao and the others, a total of eleven people, there were indeed “more of them.”

So, a weak woman like her shouldn’t join in the fun.

However, Lu Zijia failed to comfort Mu Yunhao and the others, and their resentful gazes became even stronger.

Lu Zijia, who sensitively noticed the changes in their eyes, blinked a few times in confusion.

Apparently, she didn’t understand why they were still looking at her even though she had already rejected the request.

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Did she in fact misunderstand what they meant?

“It’s different.
You’re my wife.
Shouldn’t you be protecting me, your husband?”

Mu Tianyan didn’t seem to see the interaction between their eyes.
He glanced at Lu Zijia with a deep gaze.

Lu Zijia: “….”

This really seemed… to be right.

But the problem was that she had to earn money as well!

He must know that she had work right now.
Five million yuan, that involved five million yuan!

If she had to watch five million yuan fly past in front of her eyes, her little conscience would hurt!

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Most importantly, she wouldn’t be able to get even a cent of remuneration for protecting this man.

So, no matter how attractive the man in front of her was, she liked the money in this world a little more.

Luckily, Mu Tianyan didn’t know what she was thinking in her mind right now.
If he did, he would probably want to rip her head open to see the structure of her brain!

However, he had no idea.

Lu Zijia, who had thought it through, looked determined.

“You’ve already said that I’m your wife.

“Logically speaking, a husband should protect his wife, instead of a wife protecting her husband.
People will laugh at you for living off women if it is the other way round.

“You’re the Second Master of the Mu family.
How can you let someone laugh at you for living off women?

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“Even if you’re a man who’s willing to live off women, I wouldn’t want anyone to say that about my husband.”

Lu Zijia made a glorified, righteous excuse.
She was totally too upright!

Mu Yunhao and the others: “…”

Madame was truly… a master of lying without blinking!

Without giving Mu Tianyan the chance to speak, she continued, “Hey, even though I can’t be with you, I’ll definitely come as soon as possible when you’re in danger.”

Before she returned the favor, she couldn’t let this man die.

Otherwise, she would be the one who was unlucky.

She really didn’t want to fail tribulations anymore.

Lu Zijia comforted Mu Tianyan softly with a smile as she daringly reached her hand out and caressed Mu Tianyan’s tiger head!

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