Chapter 178: If I Die, You’ll Become a Widow

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However, before Mu Yunhao calmed down, Lu Zijia suddenly said again, “Oh right, there’s a sequela.”

“What sequela?” Hearing that there was a sequela, Mu Yunhao’s heart immediately rose to his throat.

His extremely nervous look seemed like he was the one who was poisoned.

Lu Zijia didn’t reply immediately but looked at Mu Tianyan with an evil smile and said with a profound meaning, “Second Master, do you want me to reveal the sequelae?”

This was about a man’s dignity.
If she said something like Mu Tianyan was “sexually impotent” in front of his subordinates, she would probably be killed.

And yet, if Mu Tianyan agreed, it would be different.
After all, he agreed with it himself, right?

So, even if Mu Tianyan became furious out of embarrassment after hearing it, she had nothing to do with it, right?

Thinking of this, the evil smile on Lu Zijia’s face became more obvious.
She was totally like a real little fox with bad intentions!

Mu Yunhao only felt a chill in his mind when he looked at her evil smile.
At the same time, he noticed that there was a hidden meaning in her words.

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While he was about to speak, Mu Tianyan said ahead of him, “No.”

Lu Zijia couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed and she still didn’t give up, asking again, “Do you really not want me to say it?”

She was thinking of watching this man’s drama!

However, this man didn’t give her a chance at all…


Even though the two of them didn’t spend much time together, Mu Tianyan could more or less see through her little mind.

Especially when she wanted to prank someone, she would smile like a real little fox.

So, he must reject her at this moment.

Besides, as the poisoned person himself, he knew exactly what the sequela Lu Zijia talked about were.

“Alright then!” Lu Zijia’s disappointed look was completely obvious.

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Lu Zijia’s disappointed look might have pleased Mu Tianyan.
The stiff corners of his mouth raised slightly and there was also a smile in his cold eyes.

“I remember that you promised to help me treat my legs.
I wonder if it’s still valid?”

Even Mu Tianyan might not have noticed that there was a hint of joy in his tone, which used to sound indifferent.

“Of course.”

Lu Zijia nodded without thinking.

“Since I promised you, I’ll certainly do it.”

People must know that cultivators were afraid of owing people favors, especially favors that involved their lives.
If they didn’t return the favor, it was very likely that a demon would be born in their minds when they went through a tribulation, leading to failing to promote to the next level.

So, she must return Mu Tianyan’s favor.

Lu Zijia’s reply made Mu Tianyan grab the armrest slightly harder with his big hands.

He looked at Lu Zijia with a serious gaze and an extremely solemn face after a while.

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“Is it difficult?”

Lu Zijia pondered for a bit and replied, “It’s not really difficult, but it isn’t easy either.
Anyway, you don’t have to worry about it.
I have confidence that I can definitely cure the poison for you.”

There were a total of three ways to cure the poison in Mu Tianyan.

The first solution was the most direct one, to make Mu Tianyan a cultivator.
As long as he cultivated spiritual power, he would be able to cure the poison himself.

The second way was to prepare a medicine bath for him to force the poison out of his body.
This solution couldn’t remove the toxicity in one go, so it was relatively more troublesome.

The third one was to send her spiritual power into Mu Tianyan’s meridians and help him force the poison out.

And yet, this solution required Mu Tianyan’s absolute trust in her, or it wouldn’t work.

So, she decided to use the second solution.

Although it was a bit troublesome, it was already a pretty good one overall.

After looking at those bright eyes for a while, Mu Tianyan finally chose to trust her.

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“Alright, thank you.”

Hearing this man thank her again, Lu Zijia felt delighted inexplicably in her heart.

“No worries,” Lu Zijia replied happily with a beaming smile.

However, she couldn’t help but feel speechless the next second.


Mu Tianyan raised his eyebrows as a trace of evilness appeared at the corners of his mouth.

If I die, you’ll become a widow.

“Even if you don’t do it for me, you should also think about the rest of your life.”

Lu Zijia: “….”

This man was really addicted to acting!

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