Chapter 173: Don’t Forget, You’re My Wife

In fact, Lu Zijia didn’t really want to thank Mu Yunhao.
She just wanted to make him feel bad.

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She had never thought that Mu Tianyan would take those words that she treated as a joke seriously.

And yet, after hearing Mu Tianyan thank her, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but feel startled.
Apparently, she had never thought that she would hear these two words from the mouth of this man who seemed cold-hearted.

“Um… No worries.”

After collecting herself, Lu Zijia felt a bit sorry instead.

Mu Tianyan was her savior.
It seemed to be embarrassing to ask her savior to thank her.

Considering Mu Tianyan’s current condition, Lu Zijia was about to suggest going down the mountain together and she would treat him afterwards.

However, before she said anything, she noticed ten auras rushing towards their location swiftly.

“Someone’s here.
Let’s go.”

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Lu Zijia flashed and appeared behind Mu Tianyan, planning to push his wheelchair and leave.

As for the people behind them, they were certainly left for Mu Yunhao to stop without any pressure.

After all, Mu Yunhao was a bit stronger than she was right now.
Able people should do more work, right?

“Those are our men.”

The moment Lu Zijia pushed the wheelchair, Mu Tianyan spoke at the right time.

After hearing that, Lu Zijia immediately stopped what she was doing.
“You should tell me earlier that those are your men.
I was scared.”

Mu Yunhao next to her: “…”

Lu Zijia didn’t seem like she was scared no matter how he looked at her.

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Besides, if she was scared so easily, how did she come up the mountain at night by herself?

Less than a few seconds after Lu Zijia finished talking, ten people showed up in front of the three of them at the same time.

“Second Master, those people have already been dealt with.
As Master Hao predicted, those three groups of people were from the Fang family, the Zhang family, and the Cao family.

“Those three families also received the news and rushed to Zhao Village.
Their target is the same as ours,” the leader of the ten people took a step forward and reported to Mu Tianyan respectfully.

Mu Tianyan didn’t have much reaction after hearing that, as if he had expected it already.

After remaining silent for a while, he opened his thin lips gently.

“Let’s go down the mountain.”

“Got it,” the ten people replied loudly and respectfully at the same time.

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Mu Yunhao, who had been following behind Mu Tianyan, subconsciously wanted to push the wheelchair.

However, Mu Tianyan stopped him.

He immediately turned his head slightly and looked at Lu Zijia on the side with a deep gaze.

Lu Zijia, who was stared at by the man, blinked, and pointed at herself with her finger uncertainly.

As if she was asking: Do you want me to push you?

Mu Tianyan seemed to see through her heart.
The cold, stiff corners of his mouth curved up slightly and he said in a hint of teasing tone, “Don’t forget, you’re my wife.”

Lu Zijia: “….”

In fact, she really forgot about it.

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And yet, what did being his wife have anything to do with her pushing his wheelchair or not?

Even though Lu Zijia was a bit speechless, she still went forward to replace Mu Yunhao in his usual position.

After all, this man was her savior and she found this peerless, handsome man pleasing to her eyes.

Fine, she could help pushing his wheelchair.
It wasn’t a big deal.

However, it was also lucky that she was a cultivator, or she wouldn’t be able to push him down the bumpy mountain trail.

“Why are you here?”

Mu Tianyan suddenly asked when the dozen of them went down the mountain quietly.

As for who he was talking to, everyone knew without asking.

“I’m here for work!”

Lu Zijia didn’t panic because of his question at all.
Instead, she was very calm.

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