Chapter 169: The Ancient Martial Arts Mu Family

After that, she rebuked Mu Tianyan angrily as if she had finally mustered the courage, “Mu Tianyan, how… how dare you blind one of Mingze’s eyes.

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“Aren’t… Aren’t you worried that the patriarch will punish you?”

Mu Tianyan didn’t say anything.
He just glanced at her coldly.

That gaze that had no temperature at all made Mu Mengchen’s pupils shrink abruptly.
The fear rising in her heart made her step back subconsciously.

Suddenly, something seemed to come to her mind again as her eyes widened immediately while full of inconcealable fear.

“You still have your internal energy.
I can’t believe you still have your internal energy.
You didn’t lose what you’ve achieved in Martial Arts!

“Mu Tianyan, you deceived the entire Mu family!

“You deceived all of us.
Aren’t you afraid that the patriarch and the elders will punish you?”

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Mu Mengchen actually wanted to say that everything had been Mu Tianyan’s conspiracy since the beginning.
He intentionally hid the fact that he didn’t lose his Martial Arts attainments completely.

She just dared not to say it.
She was afraid, afraid that she would be killed.

No one in the Mu family didn’t know how vicious Mu Tianyan was.

After Mu Mengchen’s reminder, Mu Jiapeng and the others finally realized that the strong power just now was from Mu Tianyan.

This also proved that Mu Tianyan still had his internal energy.
He didn’t lose his foundation in Martial Arts!

Besides, judging from the strong power they felt just then, Mu Tianyan’s strength should now be at least above level 4 of Ancient Martial Arts.

Such a truth made the four people extremely frightened in their minds, just like they didn’t even have the courage to look in Mu Tianyan’s eyes back then.

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The four terrified people didn’t notice Mu Tianyan’s unusual pale face at this moment at all.

Mu Yunhao did, but he repressed the anxiousness in his heart.

“From the time when the patriarch of the Mu family decided to kick Second Master out of the family, he wasn’t a member of the Mu family anymore.

“If he’s no longer a member of the Mu family, how would the patriarch of the Mu family have the right to punish Second Master?

“Remember from now on that Second Master has had nothing to do with the Ancient Martial Arts Mu family since three years ago.
Now, get out of here!”

Mu Yunhao looked at the four people with an extremely unfriendly look.
If he wasn’t concerned about the Ancient Martial Arts Mu family, he would have crippled these four people completely a long time ago!


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Mu Jiapeng flew into a rage because of Mu Yunhao’s rudeness.
He immediately wanted to make an attack again.

However, Mu Mengchen stopped him.

“Calm down.
Let’s go first.”

Mu Mengchen lowered her voice and gave Mu Jiapeng and the others a signal, asking them to leave quickly.

Where there was life, there was hope.
As long as they were alive, they would definitely have the chance to take revenge on Mu Tianyan.

Mu Jiapeng and the others were certainly unwilling, especially Mu Mingze, whose eye was blinded.
He even hated Mu Tianyan to his bones and couldn’t wait to kill Mu Tianyan.

However, Mu Qingrui and Mu Jiapeng stopped him in time.
The two of them held him on both sides and they quickly left.

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Compared to taking revenge on Mu Tianyan, they treasured their lives more, like Mu Mengchen did.

After all, they would have nothing at all if they died.
How would they be able to think about taking revenge?

“I’ll definitely not let you go.
Mu Tianyan, you and I will be enemies forever.
Just wait and see!” Mu Mingze finally couldn’t help but vent the hatred in his heart and shouted with a ferocious look.

“Cousin, don’t worry.
If we report to the patriarch that Mu Tianyan lied about losing his internal energy completely back then, he’ll surely look into it.

“Also, don’t forget our main purpose of coming to Zhao Village.

“If Mu Tianyan is also here, I’m sure he needs that thing as well.
We just have to get that thing before he does.
That will be the best way to take revenge on him!

“By then, he may come to beg us.”

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