Chapter 161: Many Things Were Destined

Her son seemed to have quite a good relationship with the master, so it should be easier for his son to speak in front of the master.

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However, before Song Zixuan said anything, Lu Zijia spoke first, “Good people certainly deserve a good ending.
They just aren’t being noticed.
As for fairness, God is definitely fair.

“Because God is fair, there are some things you can’t escape even if you want to.
Many things are destined.”

As soon as Lu Zijia uttered the last word, her gaze also landed on Zhao Wentian in the hospital bed intentionally.

Zhao Wentian lying in the hospital bed looked only like he was sleeping and didn’t seem to be sick at all, apart from his extremely pale face.

In fact, he indeed wasn’t sick.
He just lost one of the seven spirits.

As for where that lost spirit went, she would have to go look for it.

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Lu Zijia’s reply wasn’t very convincing and made Liang Yuhua even more furious instead.

So, Liang Yuhua, who couldn’t bear this anymore, repressed the anger in her mind forcibly and said to Fang Yueqiu apologetically, “Yueqiu, I appreciate your kindness.

“But please walk Master Lu out for me! I’m afraid she won’t be able to help with the matter of the Zhao family.”

Seeing that her good friend was truly enraged, Fang Yueqiu didn’t continue persuading her and could only sigh gently.

Lu Zijia didn’t care about the attitude of the members of the Lu family either.

In this scientifically developed world, she had expected that she would more or less be doubted by her customers in the swindling industry.
She just needed to get used to it.

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Oh no, wrong again, she wasn’t a swindler.
She was an honorable master!

Hearing that Liang Yuhua was obviously kicking her out, Lu Zijia also took the initiative to walk outside affably.

Lu Zijia’s indifferent look made Song Zixuan relieved secretly in his mind.

He was the one who invited her here, but it turned out like this, so he felt more or less a bit sorry in his heart.

“Hang on.”

Just when Lu Zijia stepped out of the room, Zhao Kexin seemed to remember something all of a sudden and she shouted.

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Before her mother scolded her, Zhao Kexin quickly said, “Mom, Dad, do you remember what Dad said before going in the ambulance?

“Dad said that he doesn’t want to die.
He still has things he needs to do.
He also said that he wants to atone for his actions.

“Even though he muttered it, I heard that clearly.
I really heard that clearly.
Dad really said so.”

Zhao Kexin grabbed the hands of her mother and brother, as if she was worried that the two of them wouldn’t believe her.
Her eyes were full of sincerity.
“I’m telling the truth.
Mom, Brother, you must believe me!”

After being reminded by Zhao Kexin, Liang Yuhua and Zhao Ziteng were both shocked abruptly.

They also heard what Zhao Kexin said at that time, but they thought Zhao Wentian didn’t really have a clear mind back then and was only talking nonsense in a daze, so they didn’t take those words seriously.

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But now, together with what Lu Zijia said just now, it seemed completely different.

To atone for his actions? Did their father really do something wrong?

At this moment, the same question appeared in Zhao Ziteng and Liang Yuhua’s minds.

“Master! Wait, please don’t go yet, will you?”

The sharp-eyed Zhao Kexin saw that Lu Zijia wanted to leave again and she immediately ran up to stop in front of Lu Zijia, putting her hands together with a begging look on her face.

Lu Zijia didn’t make it difficult for her.
She only asked, “So, you’ve decided to save him?”

Zhao Kexin couldn’t answer her, so she looked at her mother and her brother.

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