Chapter 159: A Huge Mistake

Lu Zijia certainly had no reason to reject her customer’s little request, so she agreed quickly.

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Zhao Kexin immediately opened the door to the inner room for Lu Zijia herself and invited Lu Zijia in politely.
She didn’t notice that her mother and brother were looking at her with a weird gaze at all.

Even Fang Yueqiu couldn’t help exclaim in her mind that her good friend’s little girl was truly naive.

She believed everything other people said.
Would she help the money if she was sold to someone?

Their daughter and sister had already invited Lu Zijia in, so Liang Yuhua and Zhao Ziteng couldn’t kick her out either, even if they didn’t believe in what Lu Zijia was capable of.

The mother and son looked at each other and sighed in frustration.

Right now, they could only hope that Master Lu wouldn’t make Zhao Wentian’s situation worse even if she couldn’t cure him.

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Thinking of this, the mother and son also went into the inner room quickly, or they would be really worried.

Only Fang Yueqiu and her son were left outside for a second.
The two of them looked at each other and followed them inside.

Although they weren’t members of the Zhao family, they invited Lu Zijia here, so they should stay with her.

When Lu Zijia walked into the ward, she had already felt a strong dark energy.
And now, the dark energy she felt got even stronger after she went into the inner room.

She diverted her gaze and looked at Zhao Wentian, who was lying in the hospital bed and was still unconscious.

The dark energy she felt came from Zhao Wentian.
There was even a trace of resentment in the dark energy.

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Lu Zijia observed Zhao Wentian’s face again.
He had a wide forehead and a round chin.
He was a middle-aged man, who was family-oriented and always put his family first.

Such a man was very loyal to his wife and would never mess around outside.

From this point of view, this man should be a rare good man.
Unfortunately… he made a huge mistake.
He made a wrong move and there was no turning back after all.

“Master Lu, what’s wrong with my Dad? Can you save him?” Zhao Kexin saw that Lu Zijia had stared at her father, who was in the hospital bed, for a long time and she couldn’t help asking.

Lu Zijia’s eyes glittered slightly as she looked at Zhao Kexin with a gaze that was difficult to understand and what she said even had a profound meaning.

“Yes, it’s just a bit troublesome, but… are you sure you want me to save your father?”

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In her opinion, it might be a good thing for the Zhao family that Zhao Wentian died like this.

Some truths were too cruel.
Once they were exposed, the original beauty would disappear.

Zhao Kexin didn’t hear anything strange in Lu Zijia’s words.
Hearing that Lu Zijia could save him, an excited look immediately appeared on her face and she started speaking a bit incoherently.

“Are… Are you serious? Master, can you really save me father? You’re not lying to me, are you?

“Then, master, save my father quickly!”

Compared to the delighted Zhao Kexin, Liang Yuhua and Zhao Ziteng, who noticed something strange in Lu Zijia’s words, frowned.

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“Master Lu, is there something wrong with my father’s illness? Do we need to pay a price?”

Zhao Ziteng had already been following his father around the business world for several years, so he was relatively cautious when he spoke.

Lu Zijia didn’t answer him immediately.
Instead, she crossed her arms, relaxed her body, and leaned against the wall lazily while looking at Zhao Wentian in the hospital bed.

Seeing Lu Zijia’s deep and unpredictable look, the mother and son of the Zhao family became more nervous.

When Zhao Ziteng couldn’t wait and was about to say something again, Lu Zijia finally spoke indifferently.

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