Chapter 155: Being Taken Advantage Of

After sending Du Xiangjun home, Song Zixuan directly took Lu Zijia to the hospital and he explained, “The person involved is an uncle of mine from the Zhao family.
He’s a friend of the Song family.

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“Uncle Zhao and Aunt Zhao are always happy to do good deeds.
They organize charity galas all the time and have established quite a lot of orphanages and elderly homes.
They can be regarded as famous philanthropists in the capital.

“I heard from Aunt Zhao that Uncle Zhao has always had pretty good health, but around a week ago, he started looking under the weather and has been very weak.

“He went to the hospital for a checkup, but nothing specific came out and he refused to listen to the doctor’s suggestion to be hospitalized for observation.
Uncle Zhao insisted on hosting the charity gala two days ago and suddenly fainted halfway through.
He has been unconscious ever since.

“A few hours ago, the doctor asked the members of the Zhao family to be prepared.
If Uncle Zhao doesn’t wake up in three days, he won’t be able to wake up every again.

“My Mom thinks that Uncle Zhao seemed to be possessed, so she recommended you to Aunt Zhao.
After hearing about you, Aunt Zhao decided to give it a try.

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“Don’t worry, the financial situation of the Zhao family isn’t worse than that of the Song family.
As long as you can save Uncle Zhao, you’ll definitely get five million.”

Song Zixuan, who knew that Lu Zijia was a miser, didn’t forget to guarantee for the Zhao family in the end.

Lu Zijia was very satisfied with Song Zixuan’s guarantee.
She said as she smiled with her eyes narrowed, “It’s alright.
If the Zhao family can’t pay me five million yuan, there’s still you.
As long as I know you, the Master of the Song family, my five million won’t go anywhere for sure.”

Lu Zijia opened the car door and got out of the car, regardless of Song Zixuan’s reaction.

Song Zixuan, who was left in the car thought, ‘Fuck! Do you dare to stand there and make this clear?’

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What did she mean by “as long as she knew him?” Why did he think that the despicable woman, Lu Zijia, was taking advantage of him?!

On the way to the hospital, Song Zixuan was full of resentment towards Lu Zijia, like a puppy that was left out by its owner.

However, Lu Zijia didn’t seem to notice his resentment at all.
She kept walking without being affected and even looked around curiously from time to time.

Watching her act like a curious baby, Song Zixuan complained in his mind, “Bumpkin!”

Alright, Lu Zijia, who came from the cultivation world, was indeed a bumpkin in modern times…

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“Ah, son, you’re finally here.
Where’s Master Lu? Didn’t I ask you to invite Master Lu to come? Why isn’t she here? Is five million too little so Master Lu isn’t willing to come?”

Song Zixuan and Lu Zijia came to a VIP ward one after another.
Before they knocked, the door of the wand opened first.

Song Zixuan’s mother appeared in front of his eyes.
Without waiting for him to talk, Fang Yueqiu quickly spoke a bit emotionally.

Due to her height, Fang Yueqiu didn’t see Lu Zijia standing behind her son, so her slightly excited look at first became a bit disappointed again.

She then continued herself, “That’s true though.
Master Lu is so capable.
Five million is indeed a bit too low.
What about this? I should ask Aunt Zhao to increase the amount of remuneration?”

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Seeing how much his mother admired Lu Zijia, that miser, Song Zixuan couldn’t help but feel speechless.
He quickly reached his hand out and grabbed his mother, who was going to talk to her good friend about raising the remuneration.

“Mom, I’ve brought her here,” Song Zixuan said a bit frustratedly.

He used to be the number one in his mother’s heart, but ever since Lu Zijia showed up, he had become second.

Ah, heartbroken!

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