Chapter 151: Old People Were Shameless

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Lu Wanyuan showed a surprised look on her face without knowing it.
Apparently, she didn’t understand why Lu Bochuan seemed totally fine on the outside.

After that, Lu Wanyuan remembered Lu Zijia’s identity as a Taoist Master.
A Taoist Master could make an attack secretly and normal people wouldn’t be able to see it at all.

In fact, Lu Wanyuan found out the truth!

“Alright, I’ll give you a small warning this time, but if this happens again next time, I can’t guarantee that I’ll show you mercy,” Lu Zijia said as she turned around and left with Song Zixuan and her mother without caring about Lu Bochuan’s pale and surprised look.


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When the three of them stepped out of the door of the villa, Old Master Lu shouted again.

Lu Zijia and Song Zixuan weren’t planning to stop at all, but Du Xiangjun stopped walking subconsciously.

Du Xiangjun’s pause made Old Master Lu a bit more confident.
He warned with his old voice, “Xiangjun, do you really want to cut off your relation with the Lu family and even fall out with us?

“You must think carefully.
Your divorce isn’t just about the two of you but also about the Lu family and the Du family behind you.
You better think before you act.”

Old Master Lu was apparently using Du Xiangjun’s family to threaten her.

If this was a decade ago, Du Xiangjun wouldn’t worry that the Lu family would do anything to her family because the Du family was more powerful than the Lu family back then.
Being able to marry Du Xiangjun, Lu Bochuan kind of went way out of his league.

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Because of the Du family behind Du Xiangjun, Lu Bochuan wouldn’t dare to go too far even if he wanted to divorce Du Xiangjun.

Most importantly, Old Master Lu had never agreed for him to divorce Du Xiangjun.

So, the matter got postponed and postponed.
It had been like this for almost two decades now and he still hadn’t divorced Du Xiangjun.

Old Master Lu, this old fox, was really good at grasping the weaknesses of people’s minds.

Unfortunately, he forgot about Lu Zijia.

While Du Xiangjun seemed touched, Lu Zijia grabbed her arm and shook her head quietly.

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After that, she turned around and looked at Old Master Lu as she said in a sarcastic tone, “Think before you act? Old Master Lu, why don’t you ask your son to think before he acts?

“If it weren’t for your son’s shameless acts throughout the years, how would my mother be forced to this point?

“You can say that your son is the reason why things came to this point today.”

Then, Lu Zijia suddenly chuckled, “No, I should say you’re an accomplice as well.
If it weren’t for your indulgence, how would your son be so unscrupulous?

“An accomplice like you is asking my mother to think before she acts? Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at if this spreads?”

“Pfft! If he’s afraid of being laughed at, he wouldn’t say something so shameless right now.”

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Song Zixuan on the side worked with Lu Zijia and directly made Old Master Lu’s face flush.

Before Old Master Lu spoke, Lu Zijia continued, “I’ll make it clear today.
Don’t think about reducing my mother’s shares in the Lu family!”

Du Xiangjun, who was originally moved by what Old Master Du said, became hard-hearted again this time.

“Also, don’t think about reducing my daughter’s shares.

“I’ve got proof of all the dirty things Lu Bochuan did all these years.

“If you don’t want the proof to be exposed and make the Lu family the laughing stock of the entire capital, stop doing those extra things, or I won’t be so kind!

“Honey, let’s go,” Du Xiangjun said fiercely and directly strode out of the door of the Lu family, holding her daughter’s hand.

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