Chapter 145: Fuck! Is She Still a Human Being?

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Lu Zijia had already detected the villa with her deity-sense.
There was no one at all in the front yard.

She had no idea if the Lu family had known that she would come, so they intentionally hid inside, or if it happened that nobody was in the front yard.

There was nobody in the front yard.
Even if she rang the doorbell, no one would hear it, so no one would open the door for her.

So, Lu Zijia covered the lock on the gate with her fair, slender hand.

She directly destroyed the lock of the gate with her spiritual power simply and rudely.

A plume of black smoke billowed out of her hand.
After a while, the spot she covered with her hand was already burnt.

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She instantly patted the spot gently.
The burnt area immediately collapsed and a hole the size of three fists appeared.

Song Zixuan, who witnessed Lu Zijia’s simple and rude behavior the entire time, “!!!”

Fuck! Was she still a human being?

However, before Song Zixuan complained more in his mind, Lu Zijia had already pushed open the damaged iron gate and went inside.

Song Zixuan didn’t have time to think about the shock that couldn’t be calmed after a long time.
He ran forward and kept up with her right away.

When Lu Zijia walked past the fountain in the front yard, she saw clearly that it was already shrouded in black fog completely.

This showed how strong the Yin energy in the wooden tablet she threw down the fountain was.

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Judging by the current level, the Lu family should have begun to be affected by the Yin energy in the fountain.

Besides, this fountain was originally good for the Feng Shui of the Lu family, but it was now corroded by Yin energy.
The Lu family wouldn’t be able to live peacefully in the future.

Although Song Zixuan, who ran behind her, couldn’t see the black fog that enveloped the fountain, he also felt a chill that came from nowhere when he walked past it.

The sudden chill made Song Zixuan think of Lu Zijia’s creepy smile just then and he couldn’t help but shiver immediately.

He quickly kept up with Lu Zijia’s pace and thought in his mind, “Does the Lu family have that kind of thing as well?”

Otherwise, how could he suddenly feel a chill as he walked normally when there wasn’t any wind?

Thinking of this, Song Zixuan couldn’t help but regret it in his mind.
Why did he come along just to watch the fun?

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“Young Lady, you…?”

The two bodyguards at the door of the villa couldn’t help feeling shocked when they saw Lu Zijia show up in the front yard at ease.

After the shock, the two bodyguards subconsciously looked at each other and they immediately wanted to catch Lu Zijia.

Seeing two muscular bodyguards approaching her, Lu Zijia patted Song Zixuan and said, “You’re up.”

Song Zixuan, “???”

When Lu Zijia saw Song Zixuan’s silly look, like he had no idea what was going on, she couldn’t help but feel disgusted.

It was fine that this unlucky man was cowardly, but he was still so foolish during a critical moment.
He was truly the son of the landlord.

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Lu Zijia didn’t give Song Zixuan a chance to react.
She directly grabbed his arm and threw him to the two bodyguards who were approaching them.

Song Zixuan, who was thrown out while he was off guard, “!!!”

Good Lord! He was the Master of the Song family and this fucking woman used him as a shield!

However, before Song Zixuan settled the scores with Lu Zijia, those two bodyguards attacked him first.

Song Zixuan didn’t have time to settle the score with Lu Zijia right now.
He immediately calmed himself to deal with the two bodyguards.

Even though he had been abroad since he was small, his family arranged all kinds of training for him so that he could survive better.
One of the training sessions was Kung Fu.

Even though he couldn’t deal with ten people alone, two bodyguards were fine.

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