1497 Cheng Su’er’s Revenge (1)

“Xin’er.” The wife of the City Lord shook her head at her daughter, indicating for her not to be impulsive.

Cheng Su’er obviously didn’t come with good intentions.
She was just waiting to catch them red-handed.

Even though Cheng Xin’er was impulsive, she wasn’t stupid.
She quickly understood that Cheng Su’er was provoking her on purpose.
So, she shut her mouth obediently and didn’t speak again.

Cheng Su’er’s gaze became extremely sharp.
“City Lord’s wife, I’ve already allowed my sister to speak, but you don’t let her speak.
Are you deliberately going against me?”

“Madam Su, you’ve misunderstood.
Xin’er is impulsive.
I’m just afraid that she’ll offend you.” The City Lord’s wife replied respectfully without any change in her expression.

However, Cheng Su’er wasn’t satisfied with the City Lord’s wife’s answer.

“The wife of the City Lord is really protecting her daughter with all her might as usual.” Cheng Su’er said sarcastically, “I wonder how long you can protect her, City Lord’s wife?”

After hearing Cheng Su’er’s obvious threat, the City Lord’s wife finally couldn’t maintain her calm on the surface.
She suddenly looked up and met Cheng Su’er’s extremely cold gaze.

“Madam Su, I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong to you.
Please be kind to me, Madam Su.” For the sake of her daughter, the City Lord’s wife lowered her noble pride to the daughter of a concubine she used to look down on.

Even though she looked down on Cheng Su’er and her mother’s various thoughts and tricks, she had given them everything they deserved.

She could be said to have a clear conscience towards Cheng Su’er and her mother.
She didn’t let them down at all.

Seeing her mother humble herself, Cheng Xin’er felt extremely upset, but she still gritted her teeth and didn’t say anything else.

Cheng Su’er was forcing her to say something she shouldn’t say right now so that she had a reason to attack them.
So, she must endure it!

The City Lord’s wife lowered her head, making Cheng Su’er suddenly feel better.
“City Lord’s wife, are you begging me?”

The City Lord’s wife frowned slightly, but she still nodded.
“Yes, I’m begging you, Madam Su.”

Cheng Su’er immediately smiled even more charmingly and brightly.
However, she was still dissatisfied with the attitude of the City Lord’s wife.

“You should have an attitude when you’re begging someone.
From the looks of it, the City Lord’s wife doesn’t seem to be sincere.”

Cheng Su’er picked up the teacup on the tea table again and gently stirred the tea leaves in the cup with the lid.
She looked casual, as if she was waiting for something.

Hearing what Cheng Su’er meant, not only did Cheng Xin’er and her mother’s expressions change, but even Cheng Zhong’s expression didn’t look any better, because the wife of the City Lord was his official wife.
Cheng Su’er making things difficult for his official wife in front of him was equivalent to slapping his face!

“The journey from the Imperial City to Zhuang Prefectural City is long and tiring.
I believe you’re tired too, Madam Su.
Why don’t you go to the comfortable courtyard I arranged for you to rest first?” After saying that, Cheng Zhong didn’t want to give Cheng Su’er a chance to refuse, so he called the maid guarding outside the hall.

“Madam Su, please.” After the two maids came in, Cheng Zhong made an inviting gesture to Madam Su, his meaning self-evident.

Cheng Su’er laughed in anger and had no intention of getting up and moving at all.
“I’m not tired.
I just want to get together with my father, his wife, and my sister and talk to them.
It’s been more than a year since we last met.
Don’t you miss me, your daughter?”

“Of course I missed you,” Cheng Zhong suppressed the gloominess in his heart and replied kindly.


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