Chapter 140: Master Lu Who Loves Offering a 0.01% Discount

Let alone Mu Tianyan’s style and behaviors, just his peerlessly handsome face was already her cup of tea.

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Of course, when she said he was her cup of tea, she only meant she admired him, nothing more.

However, Song Zixuan interpreted her words as she liked Mu Tianyan.

“Alright, I’m going to work.
Don’t disturb me if you don’t need anything, haha.
Of course, feel free to disturb me if you have business for me.”

After eating enough, Lu Zijia wanted to return to her room to draw talismans and prepare for future jobs.


Song Zixuan had never thought Lu Zijia would really leave.
He was totally impressed by her.

Then, Lu Zijia suddenly remembered that she still hadn’t asked the question she wanted to ask Song Zixuan just then!

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So, before Song Zixuan wanted to speak again, Lu Zijia got ahead of him.

“Right, I almost lost a few deals after being interrupted by you just now.

“Didn’t your mother say that she wanted the Exorcizing Talismans? Does she still want them? 100,000 yuan for one.
This is a great deal.

“Of course, if you order more, I can even give you a discount.”

The main reason why Song Zixuan came to find Lu Zijia was to buy talismans from her.

However, he couldn’t help but feel frustrated after hearing what Lu Zijia said.

“A 0.01% discount, right?”

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Lu Zijia, who was standing at the stairs, looked surprised, “Hm? How did you know that?”

Song Zixuan showed a look that seemed like he was saying, “I just know,” and he even glanced at Lu Zijia in disdain.

“You’ve already said that before.
0.01% off, I’ve never seen someone so stingy like you.”

Taoist Masters out there, truly capable or incapable, would pretend like they treated money like dirt so that they could seem better than other people.

However, Lu Zijia was better.
She acted like she was afraid that other people didn’t know she was a miser.
Nobody else talked about money all the time like she did!

Being called a stingy person, Lu Zijia was immediately upset.

“Hey, why am I stingy? You must know that people pay me a lot when they hire me.

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“Do you know how much I’ll lose after giving you a 0.01% discount?

“A rich young man like you certainly won’t understand anything about making a killing.”

Song Zixuan, “…”

Lu Zijia was probably the only person in the world who would say this.

“Ah, why am I explaining so much to you? You won’t understand anyway.
What a waste of time!” Lu Zijia shook her head and said in frustration.

“I’ve already answered so many questions.
Why haven’t you answered mine? If a man like you dawdles like that, no girls will like you.

“You already have bad health.
Together with the dawdling, the chances of you getting a girl aren’t high!

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“But don’t worry.
You’re the only male descendant of the Song family after all.
Your family won’t let you grow old alone,” Lu Zijia said while looking at Song Zixuan with pity in her eyes.

Song Zixuan, who was being pitied, “!!!”

He shouldn’t have come here indeed!

“Yes! Six Exorcizing Talismans!”

Song Zixuan gritted his teeth fiercely.
He stared at Lu Zijia as if he couldn’t wait to beat her up.

Hearing that Song Zixuan wanted six talismans at once, Lu Zijia immediately gave a beaming smile.

“Six Exorcizing Talismans? No problem.
Just give me half an hour.
Just half an hour.
I’ll be really quick!” Lu Zijia said as she ran upstairs without giving Song Zixuan a chance to reply.

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