Chapter 132: She Has Already Known There Are Four People?

Of course, these eleven pieces of emeralds didn’t include the one with the strongest spiritual energy, which she would take as her remuneration.

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Besides wanting to return Lu Zijia the favor, the reason why Tang Mufeng and his wife could give Lu Zijia such a special offer was because they were traumatized by the emeralds on that small shelf.

These emeralds were all opened by the customers, who came to “Tang Family Treasure” to buy rough stones.

A lot of bad things happened to these customers after getting these emeralds, without any exceptions.

After one customer came to return the emerald, a few others also came one after another.
They even asked “Tang Family Treasure” to pay them back before letting it go.

After the chaos caused by these customers, the reputation of “Tang Family Treasure” gradually became bad.

At first, Tang Mufeng and his wife thought someone was behind this secretly, trying to do something to their store.

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However, facts proved that what those customers, who returned the emeralds, said turned out to be true.

The couple had no choice but to believe it.

Knowing that these emeralds were ominous, Tang Mufeng and his wife decided to put them away temporarily and think about what to do after a while.

And yet, after they decided it the day before, they still put those emeralds out unconsciously the next day for some reason.

The first time was like this.
The second and third time were also like this.
This made Tang Mufeng and his wife believe that these emeralds really had some problems.
That was truly spooky.

Lu Zijia had bought them all at a price of seven million yuan right now.
They didn’t suffer any losses, which was already the best result.

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After Lu Zijia and the others left, Tang Mufeng and his wife were still worried.
They were worried if the Blessing Talismans could really protect their family when the evil spirit returned.

They were worried if Lu Zijia could rush over in time, and they were worried if Lu Zijia could really deal with that evil spirit after getting here.

“The master has already asked us not to worry.
We should just relax a bit!

“If this master can’t deal with the problem, we’ll find another one.
There’s always a way out.”

Seeing how worried his wife was, Tang Mufeng held her in his arms and comforted her.

Even though Tang Mufeng was comforting his wife, he was actually as anxious as she was in his mind.

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Luo Ziyun also knew that there was nothing else they could do right now, other than being relaxed and trusting Lu Zijia.

“Hm, it’ll be fine.”

Luo Ziyun nodded and immediately put one of the talismans into her daughter’s pocket, telling her that she couldn’t lose it and couldn’t take it out.

Tang Yuan promised obediently.

The three of them kept the Blessing Talismans close to themselves.
Tang Mufeng looked at the remaining talisman in his hand and suddenly widened his eyes slightly with inconcealable shock on his face.


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Seeing that there was something wrong with her husband, Luo Ziyun couldn’t help asking worriedly.

“Four Blessing Talismans.
Is this just a coincidence, or did the master already know that there are four people in our family?”

Tang Mufeng squeezed the Blessing Talisman in his hand with a slightly startled look.


After listening to her husband, Luo Ziyun immediately seemed to realize something and the shock on her face was no less than Tang Mufeng’s.

The three of them were originally the only ones living in the building behind the store.
And yet, a month ago, her cousin suddenly came to seek help from her, so she let her cousin stay there for now.

However, her cousin didn’t seem to be mentally well this time and she talked nonsense all day long.

She took her cousin to the doctor, but the doctor said that her cousin was traumatized and would be fine after she calmed down.

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