Chapter 119: Things Settled and Ended (1)


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Song Zhuohai couldn’t hold back after all and he slapped Song Zhuolan fiercely, making her fall on the floor directly.

“Kick these two bastards out and never allow them to step into the Song family ever again!” Song Zhuohai repressed his desire to strangle Song Zhuolan right away and said to the bodyguards waiting on the side.

Song Zhuohai was the same as Old Master Song.
He had never thought Song Zhuolan would want the entire Song family dead because of such a ridiculous reason.

This was totally insane.
They couldn’t even be considered animals!

For so many years, when had the Song family not given the two of them enough money?

When Song Zhuolan got married back then, her parents even gave her almost all of the immovable properties as her dowry because they were afraid that she would be treated badly in the Ye family.

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Even though the immovable properties weren’t comparable to the property of the entire Song family, that was already a quarter of the Song family’s property.
Why wasn’t she satisfied?

If her parents really didn’t love her, how would they possibly give her so much of their property as a dowry when she got married?

If it weren’t because of the family rule of the Song family that they couldn’t scatter the shares of the Song Group too much, her mother even wanted to give Song Zhuolan some shares.

However, what did Song Zhuolan do? She killed her mother who loved her wholeheartedly with her own hands!

No matter how close they were in the past, Song Zhuohai couldn’t forgive Song Zhuolan at all after knowing what she did and he would definitely not just put this behind him.

If not, he would fail his late mother and also his son, who had suffered for more than two decades.

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“Yes, Mr.
Song,” the few bodyguards replied together as they immediately walked towards Song Zhuolan and his son, captured them, and escorted them outside.

At this moment, Song Zhuohai’s phone suddenly ran.
After a while, his expressions changed abruptly.

“Wait!” Song Zhuohai said a few things to the person on the other side of the call, then shouted loudly to stop the few bodyguards who were sending the two of them out.

“Song Zhuolan, did you ask Master Li to run? Tell me!”

Song Zhuohai rushed forward furiously and seized Song Zhuolan by her neck with one hand fiercely, questioning her in an angry tone.

Song Zhuolan’s face flushed as she was strangled by him.
She struggled and tried to release the hand that was squeezing her neck.

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Although Ye Nambo hated Song Zhuolan a little in his mind for making him lose the Song family, his great support, he also knew that he wouldn’t get any benefits at all if Song Zhuolan died.

“Uncle, me and my mother were at a gathering before and your bodyguards showed up to take us away.
So, how could my mother possibly notify other people?”

Ye Nambo frowned and explained as he gazed at the bodyguards, who took him in before.

“Uncle, if you don’t believe me, you can ask your bodyguards.”

Song Zhuohai stared at Ye Nambo with an unfriendly look for a while, then looked at the bodyguards and asked silently.

The leader of the bodyguards nodded to show that it was indeed the case.

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Song Zhuohai threw Song Zhuolan away and said coldly, “Whether you notified him or not, I’ll settle the score with you.
Bring them out!”

The few words were for the bodyguards.

Song Zhuolan still seemed to be in a confused state, so she didn’t overreact.

On the contrary, a glint of viciousness flashed through Ye Nambo’s eyes when he looked at Song Zhuohai’s back.

“I’m sorry, Master Lu.
We made a fool of ourselves in front of you.”

After Song Zhuolan and her son were sent away, Song Zhuohai apologized to Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia smiled indifferently, “It’s alright.
Every family has their own problems.”

Song Zhuohai couldn’t help smiling wryly after hearing that.

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