Chapter 118: Confronted and Exposed Face-to-Face (10)

Song Zhuolan tried to push Song Zixuan away and go to Old Master Song to prove herself innocent.

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However, Song Zixuan stood still and didn’t make way for her at all.

When Fang Yueqiu saw her son being bullied, she immediately ignored everything else as she fiercely dragged and threw Song Zhuolan onto the floor with her hands.

“Mom, Uncle and the others are enraged right now.
They won’t listen to our explanations.
We should leave first!”

Ye Nambo didn’t speak very loudly, but it was clear enough for other people to hear him.

Lu Zijia, who was sitting on the couch, glared at him with a hint of ridicule in her bright eyes.

Ye Nambo still wanted to prove them innocent at this moment.
Did he really think that the members of the Song family were fools?

Song Zixuan also had the same thought as Lu Zijia.

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While everyone wasn’t noticing, Lu Zijia cast a spell silently on the violets on the floor that had been forgotten by the others.

Perhaps it was an illusion.
There was suddenly a layer of invisible white aura around the originally ordinary violets.

Then, Song Zhuolan’s eyes lost focus for a second.
It happened in just a blink of an eye, so nobody noticed it.

Suddenly, Song Zhuolan seemed to be stimulated by something and she pushed Ye Nambo, who was holding her, away.

“No, I’m not leaving.
I really don’t know anything.
How can you put the blame on me?”

Ye Nambo, who was fiercely pushed away, had a bad feeling in his heart.
He immediately wanted to go forward and stop Son Zhuolan.

However, Song Zhuolan spoke ahead of him.

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“Master Li said these things only make you less lucky or make you a little bit sick at most.
They can’t possibly kill anyone.

“Mom’s death was just an accident.
I have nothing to do with it.
How can you put the blame on me?

“I can’t accept this.
I can’t resign to this!”

“Besides, why are you giving all the property of the Song family to Brother while I get nothing at all?

“I’m your daughter too!

“You always say that you treat me well, but how did you treat me well? You’re not giving me any of the family property at all and you say that you treat me well?

“If you’re not willing to give me anything, I’ll have to think of a way myself.
What’s wrong with that?”

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“The real mistake is that Song Zixuan shouldn’t appear or be born safely at all!

“He has been stealing my son’s limelight since he was born and he’ll also take away the things that belong to me and my son in the future.
I definitely can’t let him stay!

“If he stays, how can my son inherit everything that the Song family owns?

“Let me tell you, everything in the Song family belongs to my son.
Don’t you try to keep it to yourself!

“If you’re not giving me anything, I’ll snatch from you.
Haha! Isn’t everything of the Song family going to be in my hands after all? Hahaha!”

Song Zhuolan burst into laughter crazily like she was insane.
She laughed so hard that even tears came out.

Hearing what Song Zhuolan said, the members of the Song family looked more and more sullen.
Their faces were so dark that they were comparable to the bottom of a pot.

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Knowing that he couldn’t turn the tables anymore, Ye Nambo clenched his fists tight and stared at his crazily laughing mother firmly.

“Evil creature, evil creature!”

Old Master Song clutched his chest with one hand and knocked the floor fiercely a few times with his crutch.

Old Master Song had never thought that his daughter, whom he had adored for so many years, would think like this in her mind.

And his wife was also killed by their own daughter because of such a ridiculous reason.

Old Master Song was devastated for a moment and he couldn’t help but burst into tears, wetting his old face that portrayed the obvious passage of time.

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