Chapter 116: Confronted and Exposed Face-to-Face (8)

“People say that my Dad is cruel, sending me overseas when I was only two.

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“Right now, I think you’re much crueler than my Dad.

“At least, my Dad would never kill his own mother with his hands or be vicious enough to destroy his nephew’s life.”

Song Zixuan came in front of Song Zhuolan and stopped.
His eyes met Song Zhuolan’s eyes for an instant.

“In fact, I really want to ask, what do you want? Money? Power? Can the Song family not give you these things?

“If the Song family really can’t give you these things, what have you been enjoying all these years?

“Do you really think you’ve been enjoying the prosperity of the Ye family all these years?”

There was obvious ridicule at the corners of Song Zixuan’s mouth as he turned to Ye Nambo in disdain.

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“You Mom doesn’t understand, but you should, right? Without the Song family, you and your Mom are nothing in the Ye family!”

“Song Zixuan, you…!”

Song Zhuolan certainly didn’t understand this, or she wouldn’t have done these things.

So, after hearing what Song Zixuan said, she only felt humiliated and enraged, and she was about to reproach Song Zixuan.

However, before she finished talking, Song Zixuan interrupted her.

“Ye Mingyang is just the second son of the Ye family, who kicked the eldest son out by some means and took the position of the President of the Ye Group.

“However, how would the eldest son of the Ye family possibly let Ye Mingyang manage the Ye Group?

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“So, once Ye Mingyang exposes his tail, the eldest son of the Ye family will definitely hold onto it tight.

“And now, it’s very likely for you to become the tail that Ye Mingyang exposes.

“How do you think Ye Mingyang will treat the two of you when he knows about this?”

Song Zixuan didn’t seem to see the pale faces of Song Zhuolan and her son, and he continued, “Oh right.

“I also heard that Ye Mingyang does not only have other women outside but also a few bastard sons.

With more sons, it shouldn’t be a big deal for Ye Mingyang to sacrifice a couple of them, right?”

After saying this, Song Zixuan laughed first, which Song Zhuolan found creepy from the bottom of her heart.

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Seeing her son smile, Fang Yueqiu next to him was slightly afraid, but she was more worried that her son would go to the extremes.
She couldn’t help but walk over and grab her son’s arm anxiously.

Song Zixuan turned to the side and looked at his mother’s worried eyes.
The hostility in his heart seemed to be comforted as he immediately became a lot calmer.

He pretended to be relaxed and smiled.
“I’m fine.
I just can’t help but feel happy when I think about how they end up.

“They destroyed almost half of my life.
Then, I’ll let them pay for the rest of their lives.”

Even though Song Zixuan was smiling, there was no happiness in his eyes, only extreme coldness.

Fang Yueqiu only felt extremely heartbroken and she couldn’t help but hug her son, apologizing very guiltily.

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“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
It’s my fault.
My son, my son, I’m sorry.
I’m sorry…”

As a mother who failed to protect her child, God knew how much pain she felt in her heart.

For so many years, there wasn’t a day she wasn’t tortured by pain and guilt.

Song Zixuan’s body was a bit stiff and the emotions in his eyes were surging violently as if he was struggling.

At this moment, what Lu Zijia said to him before suddenly came to his mind.

“You’re in pain, but they’re in even more pain than you are because they feel that it’s their fault that they didn’t protect you.”

Song Zixuan’s eyes quickly turned red and a tear containing years of grievances, loneliness, unwillingness, and pain, dropped from the corner of his eye.
However, he smiled with a relieved look.

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