Chapter 115: Confronted and Exposed Face-to-Face (7)

If Song Zhuolan and her son did something to him, he wouldn’t be so furious.

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And yet, Song Zhuolan schemed on his old father, his wife, and his son!

Thinking about his old mother’s death many years ago, Song Zhuohai knew that there was nothing Song Zhuolan couldn’t do.

“The brush is made of a dead baby’s hair.
You know very well what you’re up to!”

As soon as Song Zhuohai spoke, he directly threw the brush at Ye Nambo’s face.

He truly didn’t hold back at all.

Ye Nambo held his mother and didn’t dodge.
He frowned tight instead, looking a bit confused.


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“Don’t call me that.
I can’t afford you calling me uncle and I can’t have a nephew like you.”

As soon as Ye Nambo said that word, Song Zhuohai interrupted him mercilessly.

Song Zhuohai had already believed that Ye Nambo and Song Zhuolan were working together, so he certainly wouldn’t be deceived by Ye Nambo’s appearance.

Taking 10,000 steps back, even if Ye Nambo didn’t know everything, he must also have noticed something.

Just because of this, he couldn’t possibly have no grudge towards Ye Nambo like before anymore!

Without giving Ye Nambo a chance to speak again, Song Zhuohai pointed at the giant landscape painting on the wall with his finger.

He stared at Song Zhuolan, who had a pale face, with an extremely resentful look, “The frame of this painting is made of Yin Wood.
Your painting killed Mom!

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“She loved you for so many years and this was how you paid her back.

“Nice one! Really nice one, Song Zhuolan!”

Song Zhuohai almost shouted the last words, which scared Song Zhuolan so much that she almost fell on the floor.

“No, no no no, it’s not like that.
No, it’s not like that!”

Song Zhuolan couldn’t seem to bear it anymore, and she refuted it with a piercing voice as she cried desperately.

“I wasn’t planning to kill Mom.
I really didn’t mean to kill mom.
No! No no no, I didn’t kill Mom.
I didn’t kill her.

“Mom’s death was just a coincidence.
Her health was already bad.
It made sense that she passed away suddenly.

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“Right, a coincidence, just a coincidence!”

Song Zhuolan had always been deluding herself and the others about what happened back then.
She wasn’t willing to admit that she killed her own mother.

After twenty years of delusion, she truly succeeded.

However, Song Zhuohai revealed the truth that she tried so hard to cover up right now, so she immediately had a mental breakdown.

“Mom, what are you talking about?”

Hearing what his mother said, Ye Nambo felt anxious in his mind.
He quickly reminded his mother not to talk nonsense secretly.

Even if his mother was really the murderer of his grandma, she could definitely not admit it.

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If not, the Song family would not only stop supporting him, but would also treat him and his mother as their enemies.

If things really came to this point, his status in the Ye family wouldn’t be stable anymore.

He could be so successful in the Ye family all these years only because of the support from the Song family.

Without the Song family, he would probably be attacked by the others from the front and the back, and it would be difficult for him to move forward.

Let alone the position of the Vice President of the Ye Group, it was hard to say whether he could continue staying in the company or not.

“Your mother didn’t talk nonsense.
She knows very clearly in her heart if she killed your grandma or not.”

Song Zixuan, who had been a hollow man for a long time, suddenly got up from the couch at this moment and walked towards Song Zhuolan step by step.

“My great auntie, how did you do that? How did you put all the accusations on me, this baby who had just been born for a few days?”

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