Chapter 109: Confronted and Exposed Face-to-Face (1)

“Song Zhuolan, what exactly did our family do to you that upset you? I can’t believe you’re so evil-hearted that you want the entire Song family dead!

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“Tell me.
Tell me!

“If you can’t tell me one bad thing that our family did to you, I’ll beat you vicious bastard to death today!”

Fang Yueqiu was so enraged that her eyes turned red, and she stared at Song Zhuolan firmly as if she couldn’t wait to tear Song Zhuolan apart.

Ye Nambo behind saw that his mother was pushed over.
He immediately went up and held her agilely.

He then frowned and looked at Fang Yueqiu instantly, “Auntie, what are you doing?

“Even if my mother did something wrong, you shouldn’t lay a hand on her.”

Ye Nambo was wearing a suit.
The buttons on his shirt were fastened tidily and the way he talked was very upright and elegant, just like a princely gentleman.

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Unfortunately, Lu Zijia, who knew his true self, knew that was only a hypocritical appearance.

Ye Nambo’s righteous words were like a joke in Fang Yueqiu’s ears.

“Ha, I shouldn’t lay a hand on her? For a person who isn’t even comparable to an animal like your mother, it isn’t too much even if I kill her.

“And you, you’re not a good person either!”

Ye Nambo had never thought that Fang Yueqiu would drag him in, even though he only tried to persuade her neutrally.

Although Ye Nambo was a bit furious in his mind, he could only swallow his anger as the Song family was the biggest help for him to gain a foothold in the Ye family.

“Uncle, what exactly happened?”

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Knowing that it wasn’t easy to please Fang Yueqiu, Ye Nambo cleverly changed his target.

Unfortunately, Song Zhuohai’s attitude let him down.

“What happened? You should know best in your hearts.”

Song Zhuohai used to think that his nephew was pretty good.
However, it seemed that he only looked that way and actually wasn’t.

Song Zhuolan, who was inexplicably slapped twice, was originally enraged, but she instantly felt a bit guilty in her mind after hearing Fang Yueqiu’s question.

And yet, she thought that it was impossible again after thinking about it right away.

She did those things so secretly and nobody had ever found out all these years.
Why would they possibly discover the secrets all of a sudden?

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Thinking of this, Song Zhuolan didn’t panic at all.

“Brother, what do you mean?

“You asked someone to catch me here for some reason.
And now, you even let your wife beat me.
Do you treat me as your sister or not?

“Or I’m not a member of the Song family, not your sister anymore, because I’m already married?

“If that’s the case, just tell me straight.
I’ll never step into the Song family again from now on!” Song Zhuolan said unyieldingly because she knew that Song Zhuohai had always cared about Old Master Song the most.

Once Old Master Song knew that Song Zhuohai had kicked her, his sister, out of the Song family, he would definitely not agree with it.

By then, Song Zhuohai would still apologize to her and ask her to go back to the Song family respectfully.

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However, Song Zhuolan had never expected that the secrets she thought the Song family would never find out would be discovered by them on this day.

Besides, they discovered everything without missing any of them.

“Clang! Argh!”

As Song Zhuolan finished talking, a teacup was thrown next to her feet.
The shattered pieces that scattered everywhere scratched the skin on her feet, and she immediately screamed in pain.

“You still know that you’re a member of the Song family.
You’re still shameless enough to say you’re one of the Song family.
You evil creature!”

Old Master Song, who had been sitting since Song Zhuolan showed up, finally couldn’t hold back anymore and flew into rage.

He got up and walked over furiously, then raised his crutch and beat Song Zhuolan’s body.

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