Ling, on the other hand, was a magical weapon related to Lu Zijia herself, namely a red ribbon called Fantastic Ribbon, which could be transformed into all kinds of magical weapons.

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Before she went through the tribulation, she placed You and Ling in the space.

However, she currently failed to sense their existence.
Thus, asking the golden pagoda was the most straightforward way to find where they were.

Seeing Lu Zijia’s intimidating look, the golden pagoda slightly shivered its skinny and long body.

Oh man, master is still so scary even in a whole new world…

Facing Lu Zijia’s intimidating threat, the golden pagoda still explained to its master with tears in its eyes, but the pagoda’s eyes reflected the utter guilt hidden inside itself.

“When you went through the tribulation, I sensed that you were in fatal danger, so I tried to call you back to space.
However, I was still too late.”

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“But I have something else for you! No, I mean, I reacted fast enough to keep your soul alive through the origin of Ancient Space! That is why you were reborn!”

“When Ancient Space loses the origin of space, it becomes what it was like right at the beginning.”

“But don’t worry, master, you are still able to develop space like before, even if we lose the origin of space.”

“But… a new development of space would need a great deal of magical energy, much, much more than that of last time.
So your magical weapons… will be unsealed as the space is updated…”

The golden pagoda’s voice got smaller and smaller.
Apparently, it had a guilty conscience.

Although Lu Zijia was surprised that the golden pagoda had kept her soul with the origin of space, she also caught the word “something else in the golden pagoda’s long speech.

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“You better tell me what happened for real! Otherwise, if I find out the truth, you will be forbidden to take in any magical energy for ten years!”

Although the golden pagoda was the magical being of Ancient Space, it still needed to take in magical energy in order to keep its position steady.

If the golden pagoda was forbidden to take in any energy, it basically meant that the golden pagoda was cut from its food and that it would never grow up.

“No, please, master, no!!”

The golden pagoda got so anxious that it started to hop up and down.
It said with a soft, boy-like voice, sounding as if it were at the edge of weeping, “Please, master, I am so starved that I have lost my shape as a pagoda! If I continue to be unfed, I will be forced into slumber!”

“Master, please, I know you would not want me to fall into slumber!”

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The golden pagoda looked as if it were crying loudly.
Yet, its sparkling eyes were squinting at Lu Zijia, trying to catch her reaction.

Obviously, it was putting on a pretentious show.

Lu Zijia did not get bluffed by the golden pagoda as he had expected.
Instead, she said coldly, “You know, pagoda, I am too poor to even have a magical rock!”


“Keeping a space is already tiring me out.
If you fall into slumber, I can save myself a lot of magical stones!”

Lu Zijia said this calmly as she started to nod at the idea she had just come up with.

Hearing the words, the golden pagoda started to spin around in the air quickly.

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The golden pagoda, which had been by its master for more than twenty years, understood clearly what she was like! She was a master who always did whatever she had said!

Finally, the golden pagoda had to tell the truth with a guilty tone.

As it recalled what happened, Lu Zijia’s face sank more and more.
In the end, she truly felt like digging a tomb for the golden pagoda.

As a matter of fact, Ancient Space was not allowed to hold treasure that would change the destiny.
Once such a treasure appeared, it would be destroyed by the Heavenly Dao.

However, since Ancient Space was born with Lu Zijia, Heavenly Dao had not sensed its existence.

And the Heavenly Dao failed to sense the magical being, namely the golden pagoda, when it signed a soul contract with Lu Zijia in space.


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