Chapter 106: The Mountain Spirit in the Mountain God Rock (2)

Old Master Song couldn’t say the word “disappear” no matter what.

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The Song family was so blessed.
God gave them such a huge gift, but the Song family didn’t know how to treasure it at all.

They only felt nervous when they might lose it.
How ironic!

Old Master Song didn’t finish his sentence, but Lu Zijia understood what he meant.

“As long as you worship it sincerely from now on, it’ll be able to recover, but if you’re still the same as before, it’ll only have one more year at most.
A year later, it’ll disappear from the world.”

The Mountain God and mountain spirits relied on faith and worship to gradually form and grow.

Without people’s faith and worship, the power of the mountain spirit would become weaker until it disappeared.

“Of course, of course, our family will worship the Mountain God Rock sincerely from now on.

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“We were wrong before.
I hope you can forgive the ignorance of the members of the Song family, Mountain God.”

Old Master Song was so guilty and grateful that his old eyes turned red.
Every word he said was truly sincere as if he was making an important promise.

What he said at the beginning was for Lu Zijia, while the later part was certainly for the Mountain God Rock.

After saying that, he knelt and bowed to the Mountain God Rock seriously, begging for the forgiveness of the Mountain God.

Song Zhuohai and his wife also knelt down quickly after seeing this.

On the other hand, Song Zixuan looked at the Mountain God Rock with unspeakable complication and emotions in his eyes.

In fact, when he was little, he repeatedly dreamed of a dream about the Mountain God.
In the dream, the Mountain God asked him not to be afraid and that his family would definitely come to pick him up one day.

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Even though he was still small at that time, he remembered it clearly probably because he had just been sent out of the country for a while..

But since it was just a dream, he didn’t care about it at all.

Thinking about the dream now, it seemed to be too realistic, like it really had happened.

“Thank you…” Song Zixuan said to the Mountain God Rock silently.

After that, he also bent his knees, knelt, and bowed to the Mountain God Rock seriously with his head touching the floor.

The moment the members of the Song family knelt, a faint halo seemed to appear around the Mountain God Rock.

It seemed to be excited, excited that the members of the Song family finally knew its existence and its silent protection all these years.

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Lu Zijia noticed that the mountain spirit inside the Mountain God Rock suddenly became weaker again and she frowned slightly.

Seeing that the members of the Song family were so guilty that they almost burst into tears, Lu Zijia was a bit speechless.

Alright, alright, since the Song family was a potential regular customer, she would just do it for them for free again.

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia moved her hand slightly and her spiritual energy that ordinary people couldn’t feel went into the Mountain God Rock.

“Thank you, Master.”

A while after the spiritual energy entered the Mountain God Rock, an innocent, grateful voice sounded in Lu Zijia’s mind.

Lu Zijia smiled and didn’t give any reply.

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After begging for the forgiveness of the Mountain God, Old Master Song led the members of the Song family to worship the Mountain God Rock with incense sticks extremely solemnly.

He even asked the servants to prepare a huge amount of tributes and put them in front of the Mountain God Rock.

The members of the Song family didn’t know if it was an illusion, but they felt like the Mountain God Rock in front of their eyes became a bit brighter than it used to be.

After dealing with the Mountain God Rock, Song Zhuohai received a phone call.

When he hung up and came back, his face looked very pale.

“Found something?”

Seeing his son’s expression, Old Master Song had already known the result.

His old hand that was holding his crutch shook slightly.

Song Zhuohai nodded gloomily, “Yes, the people I sent to investigate have already figured it out clearly.”

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