Lu Zijia did not stop the man from leaving.
She could tell that the man had let go of killing her a while ago, but she had no idea what made him change his mind.

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Whatever, that was a good thing for her.

Also, she was quickly losing the strength to stop the man from doing anything unless she killed him directly with a bullet.

But even if she managed to kill that man, she might not even be able to walk out of this room.

As she was thinking over the matter, Lu Zijia saw through the door of the bathroom and started to glance about the walls on all sides.

She might have lost her powers, yet her deity-sense still helped her realize that there were people watching over this room right from the beginning, and those people were most likely Mu Tianyan’s men.

Otherwise, she would not have used Mu Tianyan as a shield and walked slowly to the bathroom.

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She had gotten the ideal result – Mu Tianyan had changed his mind about killing her.

Before she could dwell on the situation, Lu Zijia closed the bathroom door directly and collapsed in the bathroom, releasing all of her strength and putting herself in the cold water again.

Lu Zijia had no idea what was going on in her body, so all she could do was use her deity-sense to take a look at it.

Lu Zijia’s deity-sense took her to a vast empty place, when she only gave it a single thought.


The vast empty place was approximately 100 square meters and surrounded by a dim mist that blocked her vision so that she could see nothing hidden beyond.

Lu Zijia could not help but feel surprised when she saw what greeted her eyes.
She could not stand it any more.

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She looked down at the ground below her feet.
Sure enough, it was a land of sand unlikely to hold any herbs, just as she had expected!

“Pagoda, out now!”

Lu Zijia’s furious bellow pierced the sky.
She was extremely annoyed at the moment.

A hand-sized golden pagoda with a height of 30cm appeared hissing in front of Lu Zijia.

Before the annoyed Lu Zijia was able to say anything, the golden pagoda with a pair of beautiful, sparkling human eyes started to weep with tears.

“Oh master, it is so great that you are alright!”

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“Do you know how much I worried about you master? Luckily you are fine! Otherwise….
I would have no way to live, oh!”

“Master, I am so hungry; do you have any food for me?”

“Look, master, I have become so hideous because of starvation.
I am such a pitiful pagoda!”

The golden pagoda was floating up in the air and spun around Lu Zijia as it was talking in a soft and gentle boyish voice, making it look very pitiful.

Hearing the weeping sound that constantly greeted her ears, Lu Zijia felt the veins in her forehead popping out.
She wished to shove the pagoda away so that it could be buried deeply in the sand instead.

“One more sound and I will feed you to the sand!” Lu Zijia threatened fiercely.

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This little fellow kept weeping around her ears whenever it made a mistake.
She could not stand it any more!

The golden pagoda was about to weep again when it caught sight of the threatening look of its master.It stopped and looked at its master with an expression of pity.

“Now you can tell me what is going on right? Why is Ancient Space back to what it was like a long while ago?”

“Where are the magical herbs, stones, cores, and tools? Where is You and Ling?”

The golden pagoda was a magical being in Ancient Space, which was in charge of everything inside the space.

But also, the prerequisite was that it had to get permission from Lu Zijia, the master, before it could do anything.

As for You, it was the distinguished flame under her contract – the Ice Flame of the Nether World.

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