Where was it?

“No, can you give me the cage?”

  ”Of course, it’s just a cage.” The manager hurriedly responded, “Do you need us to pack it for you?”

  ”No need.”

Qiao Nan walked up and lifted the red cloth to look inside, the elf’s mouth was gagged and his hands and feet were tied behind him, he could only try to kill Qiao Nan with his eyes.

“Be good.” Qiao Nan said soothingly, “It will be fine in a moment.”

The response to Qiao Nan was a more intense struggle.

Qiao Nan put the cage into a storage bag that could hold living things, and only then did he walk out of the doors of the auction house amidst the shock of the auction employees.

“Just now …… that was the space storage bag that can hold living things?” The manager was silent for a long time and finally asked dryly.

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Other employees nodded, allowing the manager confirm that he was indeed not mistaken.

That was a storage bag that could hold living things!

  A storage bag that could hold dead things was already hard to find, let alone one that could hold living things, it was simply priceless, not to mention the Horace family, no one in the entire Bangal City had a storage bag that could hold living things!

This person might not be from Bangal City at all, but a nobleman from the imperial capital, or another domain, or a powerful magician.

The manager racked his brain and finally remembered where he had seen that golden bellflower pattern before!

It was the mark on the clothes of Lord Norman!

Could that person be Lord Norman?!

No, Lord Norman should be in the City Master’s house now, and he wouldn’t come here because he didn’t think it was clean enough, and would never leave the mansion unless necessary.

Then where did he get the money bag from?

Or did he belong to the same family as the city lord?

“Go and get the guards to protect that gentleman!” The manager reacted and told them to hurriedly find the guards provided by the auction, “To show him the attitude of our auction house, what if the noble guest is injured and doesn’t come to our auction in the future?”

The manager thought of the two weapons he brought to sell.

Although it was purple, with such high-quality properties that could be treated as family heirlooms, he casually took them out to sell, how could ……

The manager shook his head anxiously in his heart.

Whether it was true or not, the manager didn’t dare bet.

The city lord had just come to Bangal City not long ago, he hadn’t yet established his network, if he could rely on him, with the city lord on the line ……

  The manager’s eyes shone brightly and he hurriedly urged the security guards.

  Qiao Nan had just left the gate when he saw a familiar figure.

He was delayed a bit inside the auction, and when he came out, it was already dark outside, and there were streetlights on the street, but there wasn’t much of a crowd.

Most people had gone home to sleep, or went to the tavern to get drunk, few people would skulk around by this time.

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Qiao Nan looked around to make sure there was no one else, and then laughed: “That’s all you brought?”

“These people are enough!”

  Edelman stroked his beard, “I’m in a good mood, if you kneel down and beg for forgiveness I can still forgive you, otherwise ……”

“Kneel down? What are you?” Qiao Nan didn’t hold back his laughter: “I haven’t been in a good mood lately, you’re making me very happy.”

  ”You!” Edelman didn’t expect Qiao Nan’s stubborness, he became a little cautious.

  Whether he was a noble or not, this matter couldn’t be resolved gently, it wasn’t only his face, but the face of the entire nobility of Bangal City.

Qiao Nan slowly walked down the steps and looked around at the swordsmen who had surrounded him in the center.

Five were more than level forty, the rest were only level thirty, placed outside it was considered good, but placed here, it seemed a bit ridiculous.

 ”What will you do?” Qiao Nan walked up to Edelman, three steps apart.

  Qiao Nan was one meter eight tall, while Edelman was short, plus after all these years of pampering, he had a big belly, as he stood over him, he felt intimidated.

  Edelman found himself short of breath and took a few steps back to open up the distance between them, so that he wouldn’t be so vulnerable: “I’ll give you one last chance, if you refuse to admit defeat, I’m going to do it.”

As Edelman spoke, his men directly surrounded Qiao Nan, although Qiao Nan was tall, he was slim, surrounded by brawny men, he unsurprisingly looked a little weak.

  Drenched with sweat, the manager rushed down: “Wait a minute!”

The auction house’s security moved to protect Qiao Nan, as he walked between the two as a peacemaker: “Mr.
Horace, calm down, we’re in public, what can’t be said properly?”

The manager was now very bitter.

These two people couldn’t be offended, in the absence of the identity of this mysterious buyer, it was best to dispel the tension.

“Kela, you’re just in time, you should have seen the money bag that this gentleman took out when he paid.” Edelman didn’t feel embarrassed when he saw Kela, “You saw his money bag, don’t you think it looks familiar?”

Kela’s expression remained unchanged: “What are you talking about?”

  ”The money bag on him is exactly the same as the City Lord’s!” Edelman pointed at Qiao Nan, “He’s just a poor boy who stole the city lord’s money bag!”

“Hmm? Who stole my money bag?” A faint question made the noisy scene instantly silent, and the white figure that came from afar gently walked over to Qiao Nan’s side.

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