He stood on the balcony looking up at the red moon.

Here, it seemed that the sun never rose, there was just a red moon, and the man didn’t know how long he stood, just waiting for him to react, a long time had passed.

  He opened a golden pocket watch to look at the time, then left the balcony and went from the top floor to a kitchen.

This kitchen could be said to be the most vibrant place in the entire castle, in addition to the bedroom, the unreachable man at this time rolled up his sleeves, picked up a kitchen knife, and began to cook.

  From the simplest vegetable salad, all the way to the complex Chinese food, he pushed the food cart back to the bedroom and helped the figure lying on the bed up.

The man looked a little younger, probably in his early twenties, with long blond hair that was brighter than the sun and fair skin.
His eyes were tightly closed as if he was sleeping, only Amos knew that he wasn’t sleeping.

Rather, he had fallen into a permanent slumber.

  And the dishes he made, the other would no longer praise it, much less eat it .

“I made the braised pork you like today.” Amos said to him.

Rightfully, he got no response.

  Amos lifted Qiao Nan’s body upright and sat him against the bed, with a sumptuous dinner in front of him.

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  People of their rank were completely free from eating and sleeping, and this behavior was just to continue old habits.

Amos also didn’t want to change.

  Because if it changed, there would not even be this thought.

Apart from Amos, no one else in this castle spoke.

The pin on his chest was flowing with a warm luster.
Amos’s mind was in a trance, his hand subconsciously placed on his chest, trying to draw a trace of warmth from the brooch.

  This was the only thing that could bring back the warmth of his teacher.

  He sought reassurance, but didn’t expect the brooch to give him a response this time.


A …… heartbeat?!

  Amos stood up with a jolt, and he caressed the brooch incredulously, almost losing his mind as he placed his hand on Qian Nan body.

The body was still cold, but the hollow in his chest began to slowly heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.


  Amos felt overwhelmed by a burst of ecstasy, his excitement washed over him and he almost couldn’t change his expression.

  A thousand years ago His Majesty had broken through the limit, only to have the world deny it and shatter him into points of light and dissipate the next second he broke through.

  Obviously his strength had met the requirements, and was even recognized by everyone in all the demon world, so why did the world not allow teacher to become a god?

  Everyone, including Amos, didn’t understand.

  Only Amos’s reaction speed was faster than everyone else’s.
He collected the remaining golden points of light that had not yet dissipated, and during the thousand years, using numerous treasured materials, redid a body and put those points of light into it, hoping that he could be resurrected in this way.

  He waited hopelessly for that unattainable hope, hoping that one day he would be able to see this body vibrant again, to see that familiar figure, smiling at him again.

Amos had been waiting for a long, long time, he didn’t know how he survived this thousand years, in addition to maintaining order in the demon world, he spent the rest of his time almost in this palace, day after day, repeating the life of a thousand years ago.

  Even if this was his useless self-deception.

  But today, he saw hope!

The exquisite meal that took hours to make was pushed aside by him without hesitation, while the brooch was taken off by Amos and placed back at Qiao Nan’s chest.

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  His hand clutched Qiao Nan’s hand tightly, and his eyes didn’t dare to blink, using almost all his strength to anticipate this one possibility

  The brooch fell in his chest, the original wounds that were writhing and healing at a slow pace, now surprisingly healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, in a few breaths, it grew new flesh and skin.

  The lifeless body actually breathed, Amos’ hand trembled uncontrollably as he called out softly.

“Your Majesty.”

No one responded.

Even when his breathing was restored, the body still showed no sign of waking up.

After a long time, Amos released his grip on Qiao Nan’s hand.

The white hand was clenched with red marks, he carefully rubbed it, put his body on his back on the bed and covered the quilt.

It was okay.

There had been progress, hadn’t there?

At least his body had responded.

He could live a long time, so he could wait until the day he woke up.

As Amos reassured himself, Qiao Nan’s body on the bed suddenly became transparent, a little golden light escaped from his body, the golden light in the dark bedroom was particularly bright and conspicuous, but Amos was seeing something frightening, his usually blank face showed what could be called a scared expression.

Even after a thousand years, he couldn’t forget these golden lights.

These golden lights were like a nightmare that had haunted him for more than a thousand years, and every time he fell asleep, he dreamt of the scene where His Majesty turned into dots of light and dissipated.

Was His Majesty going to be erased from the world again?

Amos put all the sealing techniques and all kinds of boundaries that he had learned in the past thousand years, all of them pressed on Qiao Nan, as long as they could be of some use, he would try his best to do it, to try!

As long as he could keep him!



Did I just fall in love QAQ?!!!!!

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