Qiao Nan glanced at the person who spoke and handed in the mission carrying three bloody boar legs.


It was very smooth, nothing different from the quests he had experienced before.


Qiao Nan rose to level ten without any obstacles.
After level ten, he could take a carriage to the nearest main city and go to the respective race he wanted to go to through the teleportation array, where he could change his job and change his race.


The initial default race of Sanctuary was human, if you were afraid of trouble and didn’t want to change your race for now, you could wait until later.


Qiao Nan didn’t want to wait too long, he came back this time for the purpose of going to complete the copy of the demon domain, the sooner the better.


He walked up to the carriage driver in this town and paid five copper coins for the driver to send him to the nearest human main city – Bangal City.


However, the carriage must have five people before it would leave, Qiao Nan waited for ten minutes and finally got five people, coincidentally, among them was the guy who cursed him for pretending.
The other obviously also recognized Qiao Nan, not only did he nor feel embarrassed, he also boasted in front of Qiao Nan.


“The spider silk dropped by the sphinx spider can be synthesized into a green longsword with toxin, it’s perfect to use as a weapon, perfect for swordsmen!” The freckle-faced boy raised his voice and said.


Qiao Nan’s expression was odd.


The spider silk of the human-faced spider could indeed be synthesized into a longsword, but the spider silk wasn’t a casting material, not to mention the low success rate, the cast longsword would also be broken because of the corrosive toxin used only a few times.


As for why he knew, it was purely because he had stepped on a mine, forged it and found that it wasn’t good, it was a waste of material.


Moreover, the sphinx spider was considered strong, these level 10 people simply didn’t have the luxury to catch one and survive.


The internal test wasn’t open to the monetary system,  players had to work hard in the game to earn money and buy from NPCs.


“Wow! You know a lot!” Another small rookie player looked at the freckled man adoringly.


“Of course, because my brother is a beta player.” The freckled man raised his chin proudly, “I know a lot of things!”


Qiao Nan leaned to the side and closed his eyes.

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Forget it, anyway, he didn’t know anything …… let him enjoy the limelight.


“Hey! That guy? Do you know ah?” Qiao Nan lazily didn’t answer, but the freckled man refused to let him go, “What do you mean by closing your eyes? Who are you looking down on?”


“Sorry, the sound of mosquitoes buzzing is too annoying, I don’t really care.” Qiao Nan lightly said, “Also, spider silk isn’t a casting material, if you want weapons, how about Goblin Town, use the hammer dropped by the goblins to cast weapons, oh, I forgot, you don’t know about it.”


Qiao Nan pulled back the curtain of the carriage and looked out.


“Sh-” The freckled man reddened.


“Besides, you can’t beat a human-faced spider.” Qiao Nan said slowly.


The freckled man jumped at Qiao Nan’s words in irritation.


His brother said that someone had clearly forged one! And the strength wasn’t bad!


“How can I not be able to beat it! Even if ten people came I would still be able to beat them!” The freckled man said with a thick neck and a stubborn face.


Anyway, there would be no human-faced spiders now, so what was wrong with bragging a little?


“Really? Then this sphinx spider will be yours?” Qiao Nan pointed at the sphinx spider outside the carriage’s window.


It was a huge, nearly thirty meters tall terrifying spider, above the waist was the form belonging to a [email protected] human woman, seaweed-like long black curly hair hung down in front of her chest, looking only at her upper body, she looked like a beautiful seductive woman.


But the lower half of this woman was the ugly appearance of a spider, her eyes were even less tender, but contained a chilling hunger.


This human-faced spider wanted to eat them!


“How, how is it possible!” The freckled man’s face became distorted, the others were unable to speak, at the sight of the sphinx spider, the coachman turned around and started the carriage.


If he didn’t go now, he wouldn’t have the chance to go!


“Now is its hunting season, it’s also the breeding season of the magical beasts, this time of the year is when they’re the most ferocious.” Qiao Nan explained, “It is not incomprehensible for it to come out because of hunger.”


  ”What the hell are you talking about! That’s, that’s ……” Freckleface couldn’t even say the complete words, he couldn’t wait to jump off the carriage and escape now, far away from here.


Qiao Nan just opened the curtains first to take a look, and then disinterestedly put it down and continued to close his eyes.


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It didn’t catch up, but only looked at this side from afar, as if to confirm something.


Just when everyone thought that this time the danger would just pass, the sphinx that was moving slowly suddenly picked up its speed, accompanied by the ground shaking, and rushed directly to the outside of the carriage!


Qiao Nan opened his eyes fiercely, without much hesitation, pulled the coachman sitting outside into the carriage, then drew the sword at his waist and injected his magic into it, the magic flushed the sword because it had been sealed for a long time, the seven rubies on the sword lit up in turn, a subtle wave went through space, all the way to the distant abyss, waking up a body that had been asleep.


The sword’s energy pierced through the dark clouds, the sharp blade almost grazed the sphinx spider, but the sphinx spider surprisingly stopped in front of him with a sharp brake when it saw Qiao Nan’s figure.


The huge sphinx’s body stalled in place, seemingly resisting something, yet unable to endure the temptation, it bent down and looked down at Qiao Nan, no one spoke, and no one made a move.


The few remaining players shrank timidly in the carriage, not even daring to pull the curtain open.


The freckled man who was eagerly boasting before didn’t even dare to look out at this time, for fear that he would be the next to die.


The people who praised looked at him in disdain, and finally a girl had the courage to pull open the small curtain and carefully look outside.


The two people outside were like stone statues staring at each other.


Qiao Nan’s hood was blown away by the wind, his long golden hair like sunlight poured down, the side of his face curved beautifully, his rose-colored lips were tightly pursed together, his eyes that were more brilliant than the sky looked firm and profound, his thin figure looked extraordinarily secure at this time.


The girl covered her mouth, afraid to break the bizarre balance by making a sound.


“…… King.” Suddenly a voice spoke.


Qiao Nan froze for a moment, only to see several legs of the sphinx spider bend, the huge body rumbled on the ground, the sphinx spider maintained its kneeling posture, and shed tears, its dark pupil-less eyes was overflowing with tears.


It tried to make its body lower, to lie on the ground, stretching out a hand with sharp nails to touch Qiao Nan.


Qiao Nan instinctively took a step back and avoided the spider’s hand.


“King ……”


This time Qiao Nan heard it clearly.


The sphinx spider didn’t reach out again, it kept its kneeling posture, and bowed its head deeply.


Its voice wasn’t loud, but it reached everyone’s ears very clearly, and everyone, including Qiao Nan, froze in place, unable to believe what they had heard.


“Welcoming my king back!

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