who served them, lived.



Norman sent all the people away after he came to Bangal city, and only a few servants lived inside.



Although Norman immediately used water attribute magic to put out the flames, he also knew that the people inside were ordinary people, they were probably all gone.


Qiao Nan didn’t say anything.
He took out a small white gold cross with only the length of his index finger from his backpack and began to perform the most powerful healing technique he could use at this time.



He didn’t need to change his position now.
He could use the skills he learned before only after reaching a certain level.
With the blessing of the heavenly clan reputation weapon he obtained before, Qiao Nan’s group healing effect was outstanding.



No matter if it was a minor or serious injury, just a broken skin or a moment before dying, all were pulled back by Qiao Nan.



The heavenly clan’s healing sacred weapon wasn’t ordinary, when he was at a higher level, bringing back the dead could also be done.



As Qiao Nan saved people, Norman found the person who did it, no surprise, it was the one they just discussed.






“Horrace, you couldn’t stand it anymore?” Norman stood in mid-air and looked down on the body of the fat, rich merchant standing outside the city lord’s door.

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Edelman Horrace had long since changed out of the daytime clothes, the night’s wretchedness didn’t seem to leave a trace on him, even if he was disgraced, he was still well-dressed and graceful.



It was just that his practice still wasn’t good, and he could still see a trace of twisted hatred on his face.



This was normal.
After all, the man in front of him ruined his reputation in the afternoon.
Seeing Norman at this time, he wanted to swallow him raw.


“This is just a small gift of disrespect!” Edelman touched his combed and oiled head and arrogantly raised his chin.



He rode on a horned horse, his hand clutched the reins and a few drops of cold sweat dripped from his forehead, “Actually, we don’t want to make things difficult for you, but what you did today is really unacceptable.”



“I thought you guys would say something useful.” Norman heard Edelman’s words and laughed in turn, “Is that all you guys have been plotting …… all this time?”



He regarded them too highly, he originally thought they would come up with some kind of surprise scheme, but in the end, it was just such a simple forced play.



He felt a little bored.

When he was young, he was so naive that he thought his teacher could do anything, and he never put himself in his shoes.



Too stupid, naive.



And they …… taking this stupidity for granted, and in the face of that almost insurmountable problem, they had no qualms thinking the teacher was omnipotent and throwing the problem to the teacher, not even noticing the teacher’s difficulty.



This led to the tragedy.


How could he forget that teacher was only a human being?



Even if teacher was more powerful and knowledgeable, he was only a demigod, not a real god.



Norman closed his eyes and calmed down the anger in his heart, suppressing all the anger in his heart.



He had thought that everything had been settled and there would be no chance of change, but now …… teacher appeared in front of him once again.



He didn’t know whether his teacher still had memories or not, but he knew that it was him.


When he opened his eyes, the vivid figure as he remembered, was by his side.



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And he hadn’t seen such a vibrant teacher for a long, long time.



Norman’s heart was filled with something sweet and soft, hidden in the depths of his eyes.



It wasn’t too late.



He looked around, his eyes sweeping back and forth over these nobles, finally resting on a middle-aged man with a wide-brimmed, pointed hat.



The one with the highest cultivation level, among these people, he was also the one with the strongest magic aura.



He spoke indifferently: “In that case, then I don’t need to show mercy, right?”



Edelman subconsciously clenched the reins in his hands, he was just about to say something when another slightly mellow voice interjected, his voice overshadowing Norman’s.



“Lord Noel, I can still call you the Lord of the City now.” The man pulled up the brim of his hat, revealing the upper half of his face shrouded in darkness.



[TN: Norman is known to everyone as Noel or City lord, his real name is Norman but Noel is his disguise.]



It was plain, yet full of arrogance and insouciance.



At this moment, Norman began to wonder if he was wrong?



Why did he hide his strength? Why did he not destroy the enemy immediately? Instead, he got into this situation now and lost face.



Would it make teacher think that he was useless?


“Are you guys trying to pull me down?”



“You’re only able to talk tough now.” The middle-aged man raised his chin, full of arrogance: “Blame it on the fact that you came to Bangal City when you shouldn’t have, this position, it should have been mine, and I, now, have gained power far beyond this strength!”



“Yours?” Norman looked like he had heard something funny, “Your so-called power is to become a demon?”



The man puffed out his chest, “I’m a level seventy-six elemental mage, and I haven’t seen anyone more powerful than me in this remote main city! And I, now that I have gained even more power, I won’t be afraid even of a level ninety opponent, in the entire Bangal City, there is no stronger person besides me!”



Qiao Nan, Norman: “……”

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