ers who sacrificed themselves in order for the male protagonist to become allergic to women.

“Xiao He, I think highly of you.
You must persevere and work hard for a few more years!” Assistant Zheng continued.

He Zening replied confidently: “You can rest assured, I swear to serve Zhen Feng to death.
Nothing can separate me and Zhen Feng!”

“Your fighting spirit is good.
Keep it up!” Then he said, “I’ll have to stop chatting with you for now.
I need to seek Mr.
Gu’s opinion on something, I’ll go first.”

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“Sure, please go ahead.”

He Zening watched Assistant Zheng enter the office, went back to looking at the schedule on the computer and sighed helplessly.
It was already Thursday; there were only two days left.
She could only go by herself if she couldn’t find a replacement.

She also followed up on Shelly and called the human resource department.
The department had an interview with Shelly and proposed a job change, but Shelly did not agree.
She even quit on the same day.
Simply put, they failed to recruit a new employee.

In the blink of an eye, it was already Friday, and there was not much work to do.
He Zening could have left work on time, but just when she was about to leave, Gu Siye asked her if she knew how to drive.
She replied honestly that she knew.
Hence, one more task was added to her Friday schedule, it was to drive Gu Siye to ‘Isabella’.

Isabella is the most famous bar in City A.
She often heard colleagues discussing it in the company.
She never thought that Gu Siye would go to a bar.
After all, the CEO male protagonists in novels were all ‘good’ boys before they met the female lead; they didn’t go to places where they could fool around with the opposite sex.

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When a place like a bar was mentioned, He Zening always felt that something terrible would happen.

Originally, Gu Siye had a full-time driver, but the driver was on leave today.
Assistant Zheng picked him up for work in the morning, but he out on a business trip in the afternoon.
She was the only one left for the task.

After work, she went to the underground garage with Gu Siye.
Gu Siye’s car was a black sedan.
She didn’t recognize the car’s logo, but judging from the interior of the car, it was definitely expensive.
Fortunately, she was not a novice driver; she obtained her driver’s license when she was in college.
When she had a job, she often drove her company’s car for work.
Although she was not as knowledgeable as a full-time driver, she didn’t find it too difficult.

With the help of car navigation, she quickly drove to Isabella’s parking lot.
Isabella was gorgeously decorated and had a pretty modern design.
There were two waiters in suits standing at the entrance.
Although it was still early, there were many people lining up at the entrance.

After parking the car, He Zening asked, “Mr.
Gu, shall I wait for you here?” In fact, she wanted to know if she could already go home.

But Gu Siye unexpectedly said, “Let’s go in together.
We’ll leave after a while.”

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