companion at a prestigious dinner party.

If word got out that Gu Siye ‘s companion attended a dinner event wearing a dress bought online, He Zening would have to publicly apologize.
He Zening was glad that she had come over earlier to look.
She went straight to Bai Yinan and took her hand.

“Zening, what’s wrong?” Bai Yinan siad, shocked.

“We should leave.
You need some styling,” He Zening bluntly said, in secretary-mode.

“Oh, was the dress not suitable?”

He Zening nodded.
“Come with me,” was the only thing she said as she dragged Bai Yinan out.
He Zening was an efficient person; she also made a reservation over the phone with the stylist studio.

When they got to the studio, she made Bai Yinan sit on the chair and solemnly instructed the designers to create a beauty.
Everyone instantly became busy.
The designer joined her as she went to the second floor to pick out a dress.

Unsure of Gu Siye’s taste, He Zening relied on her intuition and looked for a dress that was tasteful, yet subdued.
Finally she settled on an off-shoulder dress in a smokey-gray color.
The elegant style nicely suited Bai Yinan’s calm personality.
Now, all that was left was the transformation.

As Bai Yinan was being attended by the studio artists, He Zening pulled out her cell phone and began typing as she waited.
In the previous chapter, the heroine encountered a mysterious man at the bar.
Today, she wrote about the mystery man’s identity, who happened to save the heroine, and sent her home.
But in exchange, he requested her help to attend a party as his pretend girlfriend.

While she was writing this part, Bai Yinan had finished with her styling.
She walked towards He Zening and cautiously asked, “Is all right?”

He Zening was completely stunned.
The only thought in her mind was that: beauty can be a dangerous weapon.

“You look amazing!” When He Zening finally came to her senses, these were the three words that came out of her mouth.

She used to read books where the heroine was described as beautiful, and the author made the rest of the characters function dumb like a wooden chicken* to highlight her beauty.
She thought that was idiotic.

Sadly, she now realized she had become that same wooden chicken.

*‘dumb like a wooden chicken’ (呆若木鸡) –  This idiom is used to describe being stupefied due to fear or shock.

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