“Zening, please wait a minute!”

Tian Jing brought her to the living room and said, “Please have a seat.
Nan Nan will be done cooking in a while.”

“It’s okay.
Thank you,” she replied.
As He Zening went, she inspected their home.
It had a massive area of probably 700 ft.
It was elaborately adorned, with a touch of femininity.
The home was in an older section of the city and was, in general, a typical white-collar residence.

“Let me get you a drink.” Tian Jing gave He Zening a glass of water.
She then sat opposite of He Zening and began to talk.
“Nan Nan mentioned you worked for the big Zhen Feng Group.
You’re incredible!” she enthused.

He Zening smiled lightly.
“I am still working to find my way.
Where do you work?”

“I work in an elementary school,” Tian Jing replied.

“I originally considered going into education, but I realized I would have a difficult time dealing with students.”

“Ha-ha! The students are cute,” Tian Jing grinned.

Tian Jing was an amiable person with a contagious smile; He Zening assumed that she must be well-liked among students.
Moreover, she was highly animated and spirited when conversing.
Their chat brought back memories of her roommates back in college.

A delicious aroma soon filled the living room.
He Zening could not help but commend, “It smells so good!”

“Nan Nan makes excellent food! Her cuisine is akin to that of a hotel chef,” bragged Tian Jing.

“Don’t try to flatter me,” Bai Yinan said as she brought out dishes from the kitchen.
She turned to He Zening as she laid them on the table.
“I did some homemade cooking.
I hope you enjoy them!” she said.

“Of course I like homemade food.
I am not fussy,” He Zening replied.

They sat down the round table and ate.
After the first few bites, He Zening showered Bai Yinan with some compliments.
“The dishes are excellent,” she honestly said.

Bai Yinan chuckled.
“Have some more,” she said, offering He Zening another platter filled with dishes.

As they were eating, Tian Jing suddenly asked Bai Yinan, “Have you delivered your resignation letter?”

“I did…” Bai Yinan replied subduedly, “I’m leaving next month.”

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