Chapter 1.1 – The President’s Surname is Gu

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He Zening stood outside the conference room, anxiously looking at her watch.
President Gu’s schedule was full for today.
In fifteen minutes, he needed to be on the twelfth floor to negotiate with a collaborating company.
But at the moment, he was still at a meeting inside the conference room, having a heated discussion behind closed doors.

“Should I interrupt his meeting?” He Zening wondered, feeling conflicted.

A week ago, she became a secretary to the Zhen Feng Group’s President.
At the time, she had two colleagues.
Both were beautiful and tall women with fair complexion.
Nonetheless, President Gu Siye fired one of them within a week.
The other had resigned, the reason being she had to take over her family’s business.
Before she left the company, she generously gave all her personal belongings and snacks to He Zening.

He Zening was originally an assistant to the two secretaries.
But ever since the two left, she had to shoulder all their responsibilities.
Her stress naturally was over the roof.
Fortunately, she got help from her colleagues, otherwise, she would already have gone insane.

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Another ten minutes passed.
Time was running out.
He Zening felt the urge to rush in to give a reminder when the door suddenly opened.
President Gu walked out of the conference room, looking cold and austere.
He was tall and slender, dressed in a neatly-tailored, dark suit.
His whole demeanor exuded self-restraint.

Even though he was an attractive man, He Zening dare not look at him.

She instantly walked up to him, handed over the prepared documents and politely affirmed, “President Gu, you have five more minutes.”

He took the documents and casually flipped through them as he walked with big strides towards the elevator.
He Zening followed right behind.
President Gu’s long legs meant that with every one stride he took forward, she had to take two steps to catch up with him.

That brought her mind back to her first day at work… she had worn a pair of high heels, imagining she could finally live a glamorous, white-collar dream.
But when she finally got off work, she immediately went to buy a pair of flat-heeled commuter shoes.
Let others worry about walking gracefully, she just wanted to save her feet!

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He Zening was distracted for a minute and only noticed belatedly that she had fallen behind.
She walked faster, trying to keep up with him.
Just then, a young lady walked past them holding a stack of documents.
By some stroke of fate, the young lady stumbled forwards and lost her balance.
Her papers flew all over the place like snowflakes.
Gu did not stop for even a second.
The young lady was left panicking; she was immediately on her knees, picking up the papers herself.

Without a doubt, this lady wasn’t the heroine in the story.

Although He Zening wanted to help a fellow coworker, she was pressed for time.
She excused herself and hurried to the elevator just in time to press the button.
As a secretary, she must have

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