In an enormous, brightly lit room with a wooden floor and white wall, fourteen people were presented, with one standing at the front while the rest aligned in two rows.

”Alright kids, todays the 4th monthly duel. ” The buff blond-haired man in gym attire clapped his hand while speaking. ”As usual, pick your partner and then weapon on the side over there. ” He pointed to his right, where the weapon rests were located.

”When you
e ready, go to the door on your left and enter the simulation room. Any questions? ”

A hand was raised in the row

”You. ”

”Why do you have to explain what we already knew every month? Theres only one door and one place for weapons here, sir. ”

”Its the school rules. ” He replied ”And no this is actually required. Trust me. ”

”No more questions, right? Now proceed and Jun, come here. ”

”Yes, sir. ” Jun slightly nodded as he stepped forward

The group began to scatter as people went to choose their partners and weapon. Galeo, however, went after the teacher and Jun.

”Um, sir? ”

The teacher sighed

”Im pretty sure I finished the questioning section earlier. What is it? ”

He turned back to see it was Galeo, which surprised him

”Galeo, is something bothering you? ”

Galeo spoke loud and clear ”I want to ask Jun for the duel this time. ”

Jun turned back and titled his head in confusion

”Me? Not the usual Miss Spencer? ”

”Yes, you. ” He confirmed his request

”Are you sure, Mr. Howler? I can guarantee the duel to be of benefit to you. ”

He nodded.

Jun smiled and answered back with a bow. ”If thats what you requested of me. ”

Several meters away from them, some mumblings and whispers can be heard

”Interesting. Galeo is challenging that arrogant weakling. ”

”I wonder if hes finally mad at how carefree that guy is sitting in S class. ”

”Hey, hey. What do you think happened? ”

”I bet its some personal business. Just ignore them. ”

”I hope that guy gets off easily. He seems nice. ”

”Eri, it seems your partners stolen. ”

”I have no choice, you know~ He even informed me beforehand hehe~. ”

”What should I eat for lunch today? ”

”I still can get used to how light these are. ”

”How long will this take? I wanna go back to read my novel. ”

”… ”

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