My Life At Astrea Academy

A Certain Duel Request

”Hey, Galeo! ”

A girl with pink long wavy hair called out to the big guy. She has an average stature with slight curves, and she is around 1.6m.

”What? Oh, its you, Eri. Whats the problem? ” he grumpily turned back before softening out

The big guy has caesar cur blond hair, with a big but well-proportioned body.

”You still hate getting called by that name? ”

”Only those who deserve shall. ”

”Eccentric as ever. Anyways, Ill need you to tell me the rest of the story. ”

”Story? ” Galeo tilted his head in confusion ”Did I leave you hanging in some story I told before? ”

”Yes. ” Eri nodded. ”The entrance exam. Your smoke fight with Jun, to be specific. ”

Galeos eyes twitched, with bits of his veins popping up, but he quickly maintained his composure.

”I believe I have told you everything though. ” He played dumb

”Now, now. Don be shy, I know you omitted some details. ” Eri said as she poked his cheek

Galeo let out a small gasp, which Eri quickly caught on to.

”Geez. I haven been your childhood friend all those years for nothing, you know? ” Eri giggled

”Fine. You win. ” Galeo raised his hand in surrender. ”I did hide some details, but it- ” Eri put her index finger on Galeos mouth

”For you and me, right? How can something so trivial affect us? You still knock him out in the end, no? ”

Galeo looked away. He slowly spoke

”Well, no. I didn …knock him senseless. ”

Eris eyes opened wide.

”Eh? Really? ”

”Yes. We were in a stalemate, just like when there wasn smoke, but he just suddenly dropped unconscious. ”

”That sounds like he just exhausted himself. ” Eri raised her brows

”I suspected that too, but the doctor told me there were no signs suggesting such things happened. ”

”Now that sounds interesting! Maybe I should ask him some questions directly. ” She sounded excited, with stars beaming in her eyes

She was about to run off, but Galeo held her back out of reflex, holding her arm.

Quickly realizing what he did, he released her, startled

”Aah…Sorry. ”

Knowing he didn intend it, Eri smiled brightly. She stepped closer and caressed his face gently

”Its just curiosity, Galeo. I may eat lots and lots of apples, but theres only one in my eye. ”

The two nodded in silence and unison.

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