Special Class, or S-Class for short, is a class system made for exceptional students above the norms.

As described, those who studied in this class would usually be extremely powerful and influential young nobles from many nations around the world. Each class would contain up to a maximum of 20 students, containing both logistics and combat students.

However, exceptions would occur, though seldomly, that commoners with worldly talents would enter the class. Even though the first time was rough, as time went on, people soon get used to this notion, with some even holding them quite highly despite the vast difference in status.

Nonetheless, as if an attempt to insult the class itself, another exception would surface this year in the name of Jun.

Jun was the opposite of the word ”special ” himself since he displayed the utmost ordinary skills out of every commoner who entered the class. His intellect also made nothing of a difference.

Then, what allowed him to enter the class?

Simple. He managed to stand his ground against another S-class student, then-candidate Galeo.

(During the entrance exam, students have to participate in a duel to show their fighting experience and prowess. There would be three main witnesses for each duel, including the principal, the supervisor, and the opponent)

It just so happened Galeo was his opponent and Aaron was his supervisor.

The duel itself was straightforward, with Jun barely either avoiding or parrying Galeos devastating heavy club and shield attack.

However, only a few would know about such a fight, making Juns existence in the class itself an unreasonable anomaly to the majority.

This was what bugged Aaron a lot as Juns tutor. His sword skills, which were showcased during the explicit duel, weren present in his regular training at all. Its as if hes deliberately hiding it, despite already being in S-Class.

Jun also stood neutral in a class full of factioners, as he does not show interest in any factions. Any offer would be shot down on the spot, which eventually led to them giving up on him. This made his image even worse than it already was, as he was deemed an arrogant person despite being weak.

But, with his fair and friendly nature, peoples perception of him also eased up a bit over time. However, it would be far-fetched to say his image has completely changed.

This situation could be described as

”No one hates him, but no one likes him either. ”

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