”Too weak! Hit with more strength. ”

The boy continued to strike more and more, gaining momentum with each hit. However, all were easily parried by the muscular man in sports wears.

”Use your whole body, not just your hand! ”

”Tch. ”

He tried, only to receive even more muscle strains. His eye twitched due to the pain

”Move around more, boy. Constant repositioning is a must on the battlefield. Your mobility can save you when the time comes. ”

The man decided it was time to end the lesson.

He struck with a heavy downward slash, breaking the boys guard as he tried to parry it.

”Keough! ” The boy groaned

He then followed up with a body slam, causing the boy to fall over, ending with the wooden blade at his throat

”Good work today, Jun. I can see some improvements. ”

”Thank you, sir. ” Jun spoke up tiredly

”Right. I still wonder why you chose the combat department instead of logistics. The test and even our sparrings told me you are better off working in the latter. ”

Jun stood up and walked toward the swords rest. After putting the sword down, he turned his head back, facing his teacher.

”I believe Ive already told you the answer before, sir. ”

He proclaimed with a smile.

”You were serious? ”

”You know what kind of person I am right? ”

The man sighed. He knew he couldn get anything more out of Jun.

”Im gonna go to the cafeteria for dinner. See you around, sir. ”

Jun leaves the training hall quietly.

”… ”

The man stood there, thinking deeply about his student.

That kid…I still can figure him out. Strange one.


Let me introduce myself again.

Im Jun, an average 16 years old. To describe myself, I would say Im quite lazy and forgetful and I have a habit of self-narrating, such is what Im doing on my way to the cafeteria.

Born and raised by a passionate single mother, I grew up nicely in the city. Well, that was quite a few years ago, since my mother, unfortunately, passed away. However, she left behind a fortune along with her will, hoping I get into a good school. And so here I was, at one of the most prestigious institutions ever, Astrea.

From what I heard, this school was built through a combined effort of the previous Hero Eldric, the great warlock Aesir and many countries around 100 years ago for training future heroes who will protect humanity.

There are a total of 4 years in the academy, each split into 5 classes from A-D and the special class S, which is where Im in for whatever reason I don know.

Anyways, Ive been here for 3 months and things have been great for the most part since my class was peaceful with mostly everyone minding their own business. Ive made a few friends with who I could casually interact without any problem. I do have to take extra fighting lessons but they
e not a bother since I enjoy them quite a bit. In other words, its the Perfect.School.Life!

As I reached the cafeteria, a familiar voice called out to me

”Over here, Jun. ”

”Coming~ ”

Sitting down at the table of two, comprised of a brown-haired girl with glasses and a handsome blond-haired boy who were Julie and Conor, I was hit with the usual question

”Private lessons with Mr. Aaron again? ” Conor asked

”Yes. ”

”Im jealous. You
e studying in the best class, and you even have a free quality private tutor. Can anyone even ask for more? ” Julie remarked while looking at her book

”I mean, for a workaholic like you, that is. Keeping up is tiring. ”

”Ironic how you always say that but you still chose to stay. ” Conor said

”I didn hate it. ”

”Unexpectedly a masochist!? ”

”No! Since when did I say that? ” I smashed the table, pretending to be annoyed.

”You just indirectly admitted to that a bit ago. ”

Julie pushed her glasses up

”True, true. ” Conor added in

”Oh come on, you two know I didn mean it like that. ”

”We knew? ”

”Great. Now you two are just messing with me. ”

We then laughed out loud, attracting some attention, which eventually dissolved

”Ok, enough joking. I assume you already heard about the Sword Dance Festival. ”

”Which one? ” I asked, wondering what he was talking about

”Seriously? Its the one next month. Everyone has been talking about it. ”

”Hmm? ”

I felt like I heard about it somewhere, but I couldn put my finger around it.

Was it…sir Aaron who told me? No, maybe not. I don recall him telling me something like that.

”Seems like you don remember it, just like usual. Anyways, I heard theres gonna be a school-wide event after the duel tournament. ”

”School-wide? Don those happen only during the yearly examinations? ”

Julie questioned Conor

”I don know the details, but lets just say the informations from a trustworthy source. ”

An event that everyone from all years in the school has to participate in? Sword dance festival? Hmmm

”Also, I heard its gonna be related to factions. ”

Factions? Is it a war game?

”What do you think, Jun? ”

A war game, a war game… That sounds interesting

”Jun! ” A loud voice hit my ears

”H-huh? ” I, snapped out of my own thoughts, sluggishly responded

”You really do have a talent for spacing out during conversations, ” Julie commented

”So what do you think? ” Conor, now with two of his hands on my shoulder, shook me while asking intensively

”T-the wargame? What about it? ”

”What do you plan to do? ”

He shook me even more intensely, which started hurting my shoulder and got my head spinning around

”S -s-stop shaking me. ”

Man, it always surprises me how strong this guy is despite his slim build.

”Aa, sorry. ” He quickly took his hand off me

”Im just gonna hang around to see if anything piques my interest. What about you? ” I sent the question back to him

”Me? Im planning to use this chance to challenge some seniors. ”

”I see. Thats very you. What about you, Julie? ”

Julie, engrossed in her book, didn notice

”I guess shes just going to be in the library again. She does that every that. ” Conor said nonchalantly

”Indeed. How can a weak logistics student like me fight? ” She confirmed his statement

”You? Weak? Hahahahaha ” Conor burst out laughing

e a gorilla with that strength of yours. ”

”What did you say? ” Julie stood up menacingly ”How about I sew that mouth of yours in so such bullshit will get spilled no more? ”

”Ey, ey. Its just a joke, no need to be so mad. ” Conor retracted his statements out of fear.

Seeing these two getting along so well put a smile on my face.

”In a world where days are constantly numbered, one must enjoy the happy moments before they turn into a tragedy. ”

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