Gehonas first kiss was when she was 18 with her first boyfriend Joey. They were each others first love and first relationship. The kiss she shared with Joey is always cute and sweet. Just a smack on the lips.

Clark kissed her lips aggressively. There is passion and lust as he tries to invade her mouth with his tongue. She can feel his hot breath while he moves expertly on her lips, tempting her to respond and kiss him back. His mouth left her lips and moved to her neck leaving kisses that made her gasp from a tingling sensation she can explain.

He felt the hand on his waist move down and reach her bottom which he squeezed hard with his palm.

Gehona could not believe what was happening. She never experienced this thing. And even if Clark is her husband, she did not think of doing something like this to him. She never imagined that Clark would kiss her or touch her like this.

”Clark… ” She uttered in hesitation.

Clark suddenly stopped and raised his head. His lustful expression earlier is gone. He is stunned to see her face that he immediately pushed her out of bed.

”Aw! ” Gehona screamed as her buttocks hit the floor.

”What the hell are you doing here Hona?! ” Clark screamed in anger.

Gehona could not respond as she struggled with a pained butt.

Clark noticed that she was hurt. He quickly went out of bed to help her.

”Are you okay? ” He asked.

Gehona glanced up at him. She caught his concerned eyes. Is he worried that she got hurt?

She just nodded.

He calmed down and lift her and put her back to bed. Gehona was surprised when he scooped her from the floor. Clark had never done this before.

”Why are you even in my room and on top of me? ” He asked angrily but with a controlled voice.

”I just want to check if you
e okay. Yaya Betty is not around. You suddenly grab me and molested me. ” Gehona snapped back.

Clark is surprised. His mouth hung open as he recalled the event.

”Mo-molested? ” He stuttered in disbelief.

”What else do you call that? ”

”I was sick and I thought you are… Whatever, you can come to my room as you want! ” He scolded me.

”Fine! You seem alright anyway, you can even force a girl! ” She responded angrily and tried to get off the bed.

”Force?! You have fun choosing your words huh? I did not force you, I wasn in my right mind at that moment! You should have been the one to stop me first but you let me do it with you knowing I was sick! ” He screamed back.

Yaya Betty rushed to the room when she heard screaming matches from the couple.

”Whats happening? Why are you arguing? ” Yaya Betty asked with concern.

”Its nothing Yaya. ” Clark is quick to respond.

Gehona agreed as she realized how embarrassing to tell their Yaya what they just did.

”Yaya, Clark is sick. Will you please help him? I have to leave now. ” Gehona uttered as she walked out of the room.

She hastily went to her room while she rubbed her injured buttocks.

Grey exhaled as he glanced at Gehona leaving his room.

”Clark, are you sick? ” Yaya Betty asked.

”Im fine Yaya. Just need to rest. ”

Clark still recalls the intimate thing they did earlier. He must be delirious to think of his ex-girlfriend, Melania while kissing Gehona. He couldn believe he actually enjoyed it. And he feels disgusted for feeling that way toward her.

But he didn expect Hona to talk back to him. Since they were kids, shes always been obedient and quiet. This was the reason why he let her stay after the things that happened in the past. After so many years, she stayed beside his father and took care of him when he was sick. For the first time, he was thankful when she was there. Shes been very helpful. He planned to provide for her after his fathers passing. He wanted her to leave the family home as he planned to move back in. Her presence there made him move out in the first place. He would buy her a house nearby so that Yaya Betty could visit her. But he didn expect his father to make a will like that. His deep resentments return.

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