lliot went to the dining table and eat lunch. The meal is so delicious that he even forgot that hes upset about the whole sudden wedding and he is even not invited to witness his best friends first wedding.

Gehona continued her usual routine the next day. She goes to work before Clark could wake up. She can even see his face because they have separate rooms. Once shes home, Clark is still at work. They don have time to talk or at least eat a meal together. For almost a month she didn see him until he got sick from overwork.

One weekend morning, she saw him at the dining table eating breakfast. Gehona was surprised but glad to finally see his husbands face.

”Good morning. ” She greeted him with a smile.

He just nodded. He only glanced at her for a second. She sat down on the seat opposite him.

She heard him coughing.

”Are you okay? ” She asked.

”Yes. ” He answered shortly and continued eating breakfast.

”You don have work today? ” She asked while preparing my sandwich.

”No. ” He answered.

Gehona smiled. Its her day off. She can spend time with him.

”What are you doing today? Its also my rest day. ” She asked. Maybe they can have tea together or watch a movie.

”Im not feeling well. Ill sleep. ” He answered.

Gehona bends to reach him and touches his forehead with her palm.

”Its hot. You have a fever. ” She said with concern.

”Stop it. ” He said in irritation.

She immediately went back to her seat.

”I told you before to never touch me. ” His voice is hoarse but hes clearly pissed.

”Im sorry Clark. But have you taken flu medicine yet? ” She asks again ignoring his irritation.

”Yes. So please leave me alone to eat in peace. ”

”Okay, but if you need anything you can call me or Yaya Betty. ”

”Fine! ” He answered.

After breakfast, he went back to his room and did not come out for hours. So she look for Yaya Betty to check on him but she went to the market for groceries. Clark did not inform her that he is sick.

Gehona decided to enter his room to check on him. Once she opened the door, she saw him laying in bed in his pajamas. The windows are closed and the light is off. She approached him and saw him sleeping uncomfortably. She put her palm on his forehead. She was stunned when she felt his high fever.

”Clark? ” She called him.

He started to moan with a pained expression.

His hands grab her suddenly. She falls on his chest as his arms wrap around her waist.

His hazy eyes opened and gazed at her face. He suddenly kissed her on the lips!

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