Gehona opened the door of the house. The lights are off except for the lampshade in the corner. She walked in and saw Clark sitting on the couch. A can of beer in his hand.

”Its late. ” He sounded angry.

”Are you drinking? ” She asked ignoring his question.

”Do you know what time it is? ” He asked again then stoop up and walked towards her.

”2 AM. ” She answered sarcastically.

He smirked. He is very close and she can see his attractive face from the light of the lampshade.

”I don like it. ” He uttered. His expression looks confused and frustrated.

”Don like what? ” She asked.

”You get home late. Spending time with another man, laughing with him, having fun with him. It felt uncomfortable. ”

”What? ” She was confused.

Did he mistake her for Melania again? How much did he drink?

”I don like you being with another man. ”

e drunk. Let me tell you Im Gehona. Im not Melania. Ill go upstairs now. ” She said as she was about to walk out but Clark grabbed her by her arm. He reached her back and pulled her to him. She looked up at him with shock. Their faces are inches away.

e mine, remember that. ” He uttered before he closed the gap between them. His lips reached her lips with force and passion. A kiss of thirst and lust as his lips and tongue move expertly. But Gehona knows this kiss is not for her.

Gehona tried to push him back but he was strong. Again, she ended up letting him kiss her, making her dream that he loves her. A hope in her heart that she tried to suppress.

Tears started to flow from her eyes. Clark stopped as he heard her whimper and felt her tears.

”Hona? ” He uttered her name full of concern and worry as he looked at her crying face.

How can she make her husband love her? Truly love her. How can she make him choose her over his first love?

”Im sorry baby. Im so sorry. ” He uttered as he embraced her warmly in his arms, trying to calm her down.

Should she try to be with him or let him go?

Chapter 1

”Do you accept Clark Kennedy as your lawful husband? ”

Husband… Never in Gehonas imagination will Clark be her husband. They never had the best relationship as foster siblings. He despised her and refused the planned adoption of her by his parents. On the other hand, she loved him like a family. Hes the only sibling she has. They have been together since she was 7 and he was 8 years old. It all started fine. She was treated as a part of the family. Clark was the sweetest and kindest eldest brother to her. It all changed when his mother died saving Gehona when she was 9 years old. Clark resented her and her existence. He tried to ignore her as if she did not exist. But his father, Arnulfo is a very kind man. He still supported her and treated her like his own daughter until he died.

His death was devastating and painful for both Clark and Gehona. Gehona arranged the funeral of her godfather. Clark is mostly dazed. His eyes were red and dark circles were visible under his eyes. His father and Clark did not have a great relationship because of Geehona yet Clark remains respectful towards his fathers decisions. As the old man get sick, he would constantly visit him in their family home and sometimes spend the night. Yet, Clark still refuses to acknowledge Gehona. Hes very friendly even to the maids and neighbors or strangers except to her.

The day after the funeral, Clark and she was called for the reading of the last will of Arnulfo.

In the last will, Clark has to marry Gehona for at least two years to be able to fully acquire his inheritance and his share of the company. They have to stay in one home together for two years as a married couple.

”I do, ” Gehona answered.

”Clark Kennedy, do you accept Gehona Savedra as your lawful wife… ”

Gehona glanced at the man beside him. Hes deep in thought. Hesitation is visible in his eyes. After an agonizing 10 seconds, he responded.

”I do. ” He said in a defeated voice.

The court judge announced their marriage.

”…and now you may kiss the bride. ”

They faced each other. Clark gazed down at her with an emotionless expression. He bowed his head to her. His lips touched her cheek.

This is not the wedding Gehona wished for. She dreamed of walking down the aisle in a beautiful white gown. On the side of the altar is her groom, waiting for her with anticipation and full of love.

Here she is marrying a man who hated her in the courtroom, wearing a short dress that is not even white.

”I have to go back to the company. The driver will send you home. ” Clark said in a cold voice as soon as they leave the courtroom.

She just nodded.

A few days ago while drunk, he screamed at her for making his life miserable. For tricking his father to marry her. Although his words were painful yet she felt relief that he finally see her. Its dumb but maybe its the start. The next morning, he returned to his old self of acting like she don exist.

He was forced to talk to her about their marriage arrangement when he found no way to contest the will. He can only inherit his shares by marrying her.

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