My EXLove story

Chapter 2: The Day I First Saw Him

I was packing the last of my things, when I got an unexpected knock. The person knocked the door thrice.

Impatient Bastard. I thought as I brushed the dust off my knees and got up.

The person knocked again.

I swear if that idiot knocks once more I will grill him.

”Coming! ” I called.

The reason I didn throw an insult was the tiny possibility of the knocker being someone important or maybe an unusually attractive male.

I opened the door.

The person standing there wasn an important individual, not one I respected anyway.

The person wasn an unusually attractive male.

The person had brown hair and black eyes.

The person was my exs sister.

”What do you want Michelle? ” I snapped, regretting not throwing an insult earlier.

Michelle bowed her head.

”Im deeply sorry for your loss. You clearly found happiness with my step-brother. ” Michelle said insincerely.

”Yeah, yeah. Cut the crap, why are you really here? ” I asked.

We hadn talked in 5 years. No reason for her to offer her condolences when her invisible step-brother died. She sighed and muttered that my temper had shortened. Well excuse me for my rudeness!

”My brother is unwell. ” She then said, looking at me straight in the eyes.

”Hmm… ” I said scornfully, ”Mentally or physically? ”

”Mentally of course. ” She said in defence, ”He summons you. He says that there is something only you can do to heal him. ”

”Whats wrong with him? ” I asked.

”A lot… ” She said hesitantly, ”Hard to explain. Come with me. ”

That was an order that I couldn disobey. If he summoned me, I had to go. That was the pact between him and me. He would order and I would obey, no questions asked.

Thats how I ended up on the leather seats of his Rolls Royce that still smelt like his cologne. I remembered the first time I had ended up in this car. Damn how I wish I could take that back.

We reached his mansion about 20 minutes later. The large wooden door creaked as Michelle pushed them open and she led me up the staircase to the third room on the right- his bedroom.

As I stepped in, he was sitting propped up against the pillows with his lamp on, reading a book. His bed had a plain white bed sheet but the bed itself was black, like most of the things in his room. The walls were a plain white and the floor was wooden. There was a large window that displayed the courtyard. His presence was so severe that I couldn take my eyes off of him. His obsidian sharp eyes looked up and he ran his hand through his jet black hair.

”Shes here brother. ” Michelle respectfully bowed her head and stepped back.

A smile appeared on his face as he closed the book and put it on his side table.

He sniffed the air as if looking for a familiar scent, ”Divine Magic, old habits die hard I guess. ” He tilted his head while naming my perfume.

He pointed his gaze to where he wanted me to stand and I obeyed. Then a grin appeared on his face and he pointed his gaze somewhere else, making me move all across the room.

”OK cut it. What do you want with me, huh? ” I folded my arms and rolled my eyes.

”Good to see you too, my little idiot. ” He smirked.

I rolled my eyes and turned to his sister,

”Nah, he seems fine to me. ” I scoffed before turning back to meet his cold, unfazed gaze.

”You like to write, yes? ” He asked.

”Whats the point of asking me if you already know that? ” I frowned.

He maintained his calm and composed gesture though I could sense his irritation rising by the second.

”How long have I been alive? ” He then asked me as he loosely folded his arms.

”127 years, why? ” I asked.

Was he just quizzing me to see if I remembered? Of course I remembered. I remembered everything about him, from his preferences to his physique. I remembered every single detail about him in photographic memory.

”And do you know how many girls Ive dated? ”

”More than 50. WHY? ”

”So why is it, that out of all those girls, I still crave for your, and only your blood? ”

That question caught me off guard and I blushed as he bared his perfect white fangs and ran his tongue over them, I quickly closed my eyes as I spotted something red that stained his left fang.

”Blood stills scares you after 5 years of living with him, wow. ”

”Whose blood is that? ” My voice had a hint of jealousy.

He opened his cuff and raised his sleeve up to his elbow.

Fang marks.


”You drink your own blood? ” I was clearly shocked.

I never expected him to do this, especially because he was free to drink the blood of anyone he so wished. His name was enough to make people cower.

”Do you remember the promise I made you? ” He asked.

”I promised you that I would never drink the blood of another girl while youd be alive, and I promised that Id kill myself the day you died. Thats our pact, isn it? ” He said without waiting for my answer to his previous question,

I huffed,

”That didn stop you from sucking her blood while we were together. ” I said, those memories came back fresh in my mind, ”Just tell me what you want so I can get outta here. ”

”Do you remember when you told me you liked to write? ”

I nodded.

”Do you remember the day you wrote that story for me? ”

I nodded again, more impatiently this time.

”Look, are we gonna take a trip down memory lane or are you gonna tell me what you goddamn want? ”

I said that to stop myself from blushing.

”I want you to write a story. ”

”A story? ” I asked cautiously, ”About what? ”

”Us… ” His reply was straightforward and sincere, ”I wanna know exactly what you were thinking in every stage of our relationship. And then Ill resolve the ending for you. Ill tell you the truth that youve been looking for. ”

”And what if I say no? ”

”You can . When I order you to do something, you can say no. You know that better than anyone. ” His face had a self-satisfied smile.

I left with a mission, to write a story. To recall every single moment of my past that I had tried to forget. And maybe find the truth behind my ex—-Reese Silver~~~

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