, ” Xiao said, ”But you can stay here for a while, mom likes it when you
e here, anyway, ”

Ling snickered, ”I should come over more often then! ”

”Thatd interrupt my studies, so no thank you… ” Xiao said in a near whisper.

”Ah- I see… ” Ling murmured, ”Wait- What?! Interrupt your studies? Jeez, Xixi, thats a big ego booster, ” She snickered.

”It shouldn be, you
e a distraction, ” Xiao murmured, ”Now let me rest a moment, ”

Ling watched Xiao fall to sleep for a while before snapping out of her trance and deciding it was creepier to watch her than anything else. She took Xiaos hand and held it. Ling, in the absolute silence of Xiaos bedroom, soon gave in and laid down, falling right to sleep.

”Good night, Yue… ” Xiao murmured.

”Alright, Xixi! ” Ling started, ”Im headed off now, Ill see you tomorrow! ”

”Goodbye for now, Yue, Ill see you tomorrow, get home safe and message me when you get home, ” Xiao replied, then closing her door.

Ling wandered off, playing on her phone. She was soon bombarded with text messages from Xiao.

How are you? Xiao texted, Have you gotten home yet? Are you close to home? How far away do you think you are from home?

Ling snickered, Im almost home, probably five minutes away now. She texted back.

Alright, Ill set a timer then, can you actually call me when you get home? If you aren busy, that is.

Ling beamed, Of course I can! Im not super busy, plus Ill always make time for you, Xixi! Ling replied, sending a few emoticons along with her text.

Ling powered off her phone and continued her walk home. It was a nice day out, sunshines and birds chirping. The sun filled Ling with so much energy she could probably lift a building! Or an above average sized rock…

Finally, after just about five minutes, she returned home. She wasted no time in running to her room and calling Xiao.

Xiao answered the phone almost instantly, ”Wei, ” She said.

”Hey Xixi! ” Ling replied, ”Whats up, did you need anything? Im home! ”

”No, not really… I just wanted to hear your voice… ”

Ling giggled, ”I just saw you, you know… Missing me so soon? ”

”Mmm… A little bit… Its just that Ive never dated anyone before, so I don know how or what to do, you know? ” Xiao said.

”Yeah, I get it… Mmm, well, if I do anything to make you uncomfortable, let me know! Relationships are built upon good communication! And money! ” Ling teased.

Xiao was silent for a few moments before speaking again, ”The same goes for me, don be afraid to speak up, ”

”Did you have anything you really wanted to talk about? Or just wanted to hear my voice? ” Ling teased again.

”Mm, just wanted to hear your voice, its soothing… I like hearing your voice, texting you a lot, all that stuff… Even when you don respond, it still feels like you
e there, I guess, ” Xiao responded.

”Xixi, you
e so sweet, I love you, ” Ling said.

Xiao was again silent for a few moments, ”… I love you too, ” She said, then immediately hanging up.

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