Three months before Xiaos confession to Ling at the amusement park, Xiao found herself without Ling in the classroom.

Yue hasn come to class yet, Xiao thought to herself.

”Maybe I should message her, ” Xiao murmured, she then pulled out her phone and sent a message to Ling.

Xiao waited a few moments before setting it back down on her desk. Xiao shrugged and stared towards the front of the classroom, class was starting soon, but Xiao could take notes for Ling if she needed to.

Xiao picked up her phone and unlocked it. Do you need me to take notes for you? She texted Ling.

This time, Ling responded, Hey Xixi, sorry, I got a bit sick, please take notes for me! :33, She texted.

”Mm, thats a bit worrying… Maybe I should bring some medicine by her house after school, ” Xiao said.

”Hey, hey, Classmate Xiao Lin, how are things? ” Someone asked, snapping Xiao back into reality.

”Ah, Classmate Bai Shan, hello, how are you today? ” Xiao responded.

”I saw Yue never showed up today, is she sick or something? ” Bai asked, ”I don think Ive ever seen her get sick before, but I guess it happens to us all! ”

”Mm, I guess so, ” Xiao said, ”Im going to bring her some medicine after school today, so I wouldn worry too much, ”

”Oh? You two are closer than I thought! ” Bai teased.

”Mm, is that so? Weve known each other since primary school, so surely the amount of time weve known each other has contributed to that idea of yours, ” Xiao replied.

e so cold, ” Bai said, ”Ah, class is about to start, talk to ya later, Classmate Xiao Lin! ”

Bai went to sit down at her seat, finally allowing Xiao to focus on her own thoughts without the pain of speaking to others.

The rest of the day went on as usual, and, as school was finally let out, Xiao was one of the first out, moving quickly back home to change before heading off to Lings house.

Xiao contemplated texting Ling, but decided against it, and began her journey across the street to Lings house, she grabbed some standard medicine for fevers and some juice for Ling on her way out.

Xiao knocked loudly on the door and waited for an answer. It took a few moments, but eventually, a voice was heard from the other side, ”Who is it? ” Ling called.

”Guess who? ” Xiao responded.

”X-Xixi?! ” Ling exclaimed, quickly scrambling to open the door, ”What are you doing here? ”

”Came to drop off some medicine- and juice, ” Xiao responded, ”May I come in? ”

”Oh- I don wanna get you sick, you might catch my cold! ” Ling said, ”But Ill accept your medicine and juice! ”

”Nonsense, you can just take my things and then not let me make sure you
e alright, ” Xiao replied.

”Mm, I guess I could let you in, but stay back a bit, so I don get you sick- Actually, ” Ling quickly grabbed a face mask and put it on, ”There! Now I won get you sick! ”

Xiao smirked before letting herself in, ”I always forget how large your home always looks, ” She said, ”Has it been remodeled again? ”

”Mhm! Dads been in one of his creative lulls again, so hes trying out a bunch of new stuff, but he isn really liking any of it, ”

”Hmm… I see… Oh! I also have some notes for you from class, ” Xiao said, ”Those are still at my house though, I forgot to bring them, ”

”Ah, thats fine, probably wouldn look at them anyway, thanks for the help anyway, Xixi! ”

”Well, what do you wanna do now? ” Ling asked, ”Could watch some TV, oh! Theres a new drama Ive been watching a bunch of recently! ”

”Mm, if youd like, we can watch something on the TV, ” Xiao responded, ”I didn really have too many other plans, ”

”Great! Ill get some snacks! ”

The two had watched various TV shows for a while, Ling eventually laying on the couch, using Xiao as a pillow while Xiao just continued to stare at whatever show was playing at the time.

”Hey Xiao, you ever think about the future? ” Ling lazily asked.

”All the time, where Im going to school, what Ill do as a career, stuff like that, which you should also be thinking about, ” Xiao replied.

”Mm, I was getting more at the romance aspect of it, where do you see yourself in like- ten years? Marriage in the plans? Or have you not thought of it yet? ”

Xiao thought for a moment, ”Mm, haven thought of it too hard, ” She said, beginning to stroke Lings hair, ”But I guess its something I don really have to think about just yet, we
e still young and all, so that sort of thing feels real far off, ”

”Yeah, I suppose so, ” Ling said, looking up to Xiao, ”I just find it kinda hard that no guys have straight-up come and confessed to you, if I were a guy I don think Id be able to keep my eyes off you! ”

Xiao giggled, ”Id like to think the same, youve got many qualities that any man would instantly fall in love with, ”

”Thanks for coming to check up on me, Xixi, it was a real nice surprise, but make sure you don get sick too! ”

”Ill be sure not to get sick myself, Yue, Im sure Ill be fine, ” Xiao replied, ”Make sure you get plenty of rest and drink the juice I brought you, it helps, ”

”Will do! ” Ling exclaimed, ”See you at school, Xixi! ” She giggled before closing the door.

Deciding to finally go home, Xiao wandered back across the street, ”Mm, was there almost three hours, time really flew by… ”

Xiao entered her house. Her mother was cooking something in the kitchen and her father was in his office doing something she wasn sure of.

”Ma, Im home! ” Xiao called out.

”Welcome home! ” Her mother responded, ”Im cooking dinner, sit down at the table, its almost done! And get your father! ”

”Can do! ” Xiao again called out, taking her shoes off, slipping into her indoor shoes, and walking off to her fathers office.

Xiao knocked on the door, ”Ba, dinners almost ready, I came to get you! ”

”Alright, Ill be out in a moment, ” Her father said, followed by the sound of rustling papers and keyboard clicks.

Xiao then retreated to the kitchen, ”Anything I can do to help? ” She asked.

”Oh no, thats fine dear, you can just get some rest, for now, Im sure your day was busy and all, ” Her mother said.

”Mm, I could use a bit of rest… ” Xiao murmured.

Xiao wandered into the living room and collapsed on the couch. She didn realize how tired she was until just then.

”Mm, ” She heaved a sigh before accidentally drifting off to sleep.

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