ce for me to move my legs. 

“Let’s take a nap shall we?” He said I could only muster an empty face void of any emotion and looked at the ceiling speechless refusing to speak feeling my eyes slowly fade and whisk themselves to sleep.


A series of five days had passed, fortunately he didn’t touch me the most he had done was coming to eat with me every morning afterwards washing my face and combing my hair along with applying makeup to my face, when he was finished he would end it all with a hug afterwards leaving me inside the antique room, when noon rolled around he came back to eat alongside me, then he’d take a nap with me for around two hours, leaving me again when I eventually woke up, usually coming back during the evening’s, one time he tried to bath me but I had insisted that i’d do it without the help of him or his guidance.

When I finished showering, he would watch TV with me for a while and then head back to his room, This was our usual everyday routine a repeat of tomorrows, strangely enough however I felt as though I had started accepting and adapting well to my new life here

Nowadays the pervert seems to be more and more occupied with whatever he’s doing in the outside world, and he almost never has much time to tend to me anymore.
Of course I don’t miss that pervert, it’s just less lonelier when he’s not busy all the time, furthermore I’ve lost weight

Today after dinner, he abruptly left, telling me that he had been very busy recently.
I had no idea what he was up to these days nor of his occupation.
I don’t know if anything big would happen soon or if I would be rescued out of here.
So to ease my boredom I decided to shower to comfort myself.
While I was washing myself though, there was a noise in the corridor outside.
At this time, the door of the bathroom was opened, and a man covered in blood broke in with a gun in his hand.
I felt dizzy.
Could he have come here to assassinate me?

“Do puppets ever take baths? this one looks really realistic.” The man muttered.

I wondered if the man thought I was a doll because of my pale skin and longer hair.
At this time, the door of the room was opened.
The man closed the door and jumped into the brass carrying me to him.
Then he stiffened: “You’re no puppet, you’re a human being!”

“When was I ever anything but a human!” I looked up at him.

The man didn’t say anything, but I could feel his hand touching my chest.
I was stunned but I didn’t dare say anything

“My dear, are you all right!” There was the pervert’s voice outside.
I quickly put the man’s head into the tub of water hiding him.
Then I felt the perverts hard object against my waist.
Well, I didn’t like the situation I was currently in very much.
But now wasn’t the time to make jokes

“What’s wrong?” I looked at his bleeding hand, the injuries were fresh.
I wondered if the pervert was somehow affiliated with the man, could the the man have been a killer?

“It’s good that my dear is fine.
I’ll come to see you later.
Just scream if you see any suspicious people alright?” I figured by now he was very perverted but a gentle man.

I grabbed his hand happily laying on my chest: “I’m not a woman.
I won’t scream!”

The pervert withdrew his hand: “Good boy, I’ll come over and deal with the wound later.
Someones been sent outside.
Don’t get scared!” Then the pervert did something unexpected he kissed my cheeks

I washed the cheeks he kissed just now with water.
Doing it with my saliva would be unsanitary.
Is it?

Originally I thought he had no family which was why he didn’t know his blood type however I later took notice that this was indeed not the case when he mentioned his uncle and mother so I’m not very sure original text is “ 血型,难说。”

The original text was either a humorous slang for an old pedophilic man a mongoose or a man with unacceptable sexual habits orr a pun matching with a pyschopath I’m hoping that it’s the 3rd or 2nd option (although I think it’s highly unlikely given the context) because I don’t think people would like an implied pedophile as the ML 

You could also call him Yi Sung-seok as I found thats an alternative version of his name

This is irrelevant to the story but since this book didn’t have a cover or any that I knew of I created my own for it since I had a bit of experience in those fields before I sincerely apologize if the characters in the covers don’t look the same as mentioned in the book they where the closest I could find matching the characters  I also apologize if this isn’t the best translation this is my first time translating (I use MTL and have no understanding d mandarin or Chinese XD) but I am very passionate and I want others to enjoy the book like me without the use of language barriers and such I hope you enjoy 

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