Chapter 1: picked up by a killer

My name is Yi Chengshi (3) .
You would think I’m a girl when you hear my name, but in reality I’m a boy.
My physical appearance is that of an average youth (I am 17 years old in appearances).
My blood type is unknown (1) .
I mainly like things such as growing flowers during the summer and my specialty is cooking.
Most days I work as a writer on the internet wasting my days away

However, I’ve been met with an awful fate as of late.
Really, I was knocked unconscious when I’d gone out for a walk late at night.
When I woke up, I was put into clothes that didn’t belong to me! ***

The bed I’d woken up on was very large and big enough for me to feel comfortable in, Ah Of course, this wasn’t the point I was trying to get across here.
The point is that this was an old antique room that I’d never been in before nor did I recognize it.
The more important thing however is that my clothes have also been replaced with what seems to be costumes from ancient times meant to seduce men.
Yes, it’s those kinds of seductive clothes sold online! but the reason I didn’t suspect that I’d time traveled through space was because there was a TV in the old antique room, which at first glance looked extremely high tech I had reached only one possible conclusion

I knew it I had been kidnapped by a pervert.
The kidnapper couldn’t even give me proper clothes even more so a part of the cloth had a rip in it.
A man would never wear these kinds of exposing and seductive clothes let alone put them on somebody else.

As more time passed I’d been internally struggling thinking of whether to throw myself out of the window or find a door that could lead me out of here then suddenly, the pervert appeared.
Well, he looked like a regular man, wearing gold-rimmed glasses, much like an elite.
But his expressions never changed, keeping a calm face drooling at the sight of me.
What kind of man wears an expression like that? He didn’t even wipe his saliva, it’s as if I was his food

“You really are the most suitable person I’ve ever seen for this stuff.
Naturally long black hair, rare stunning eyes, still as a river.
Sitting as silently as a fairy in a painting! ” The man with gold rimmed glasses said, an infatuated look coming upon him.
I started seriously suspecting that the gold-rimmed glasses man read too many novels and ultimately got lost in his delusions.
Maybe he’d failed in his mission in obtaining women and went for men instead.
Otherwise, why would anybody do this kind of thing? 

“Let me go!” I finally spoke after keeping silent for so long.
But I didn’t complain.
There was no point voicing them with a psychotic and deprived man.

“I’m afraid that’s impossible my dear, from now on this will be your new home.
And If you ever need anything you can always tell the people at the door they’re right next to the entrance” After saying that, the man with glasses sat on a table looking at me in a daze seemingly lost in thought

“Pervert”, I shouted, “I have my uncle and I can always call the police on you and tell them that a perverts kidnapped me!” Of course, those things were only said internally.
On the surface, I had only kept a blank face staring at the man on the table.

Suddenly, the man with glasses got up and picked me up.
I didn’t know why but I had a very sudden urge of dread and felt tears welling up in my eyes, realizing that this guy was no ordinary man, he was a trained boxer or perhaps a wrestler.
I would never stand a chance against him

I closed my eyes expecting a harsh beating, instead when I found my eyes peeling themselves open again I found that the men with glasses had put me in front of the dresser instead.
I looked at the exquisite mirror in front of me.
The man in the mirror was me, and behind me was the pervert combing me.
He brushed my hair slowly with gentle care.
Holding out my hair and combing it at once, looking at my hair as if he were looking at his lover.
I cried.
This isn’t a pervert.
This is a mentally ill person who should’ve been long locked up!, right? Mom, please save me from this psychopath!

After a while of brushing my hair the man with glasses finally tied my hair in a red ribbon, then picked up an eyebrow pencil and put it close to my face.
I don’t want to wear makeup and I never would.
I’m not a hypocrite.
I always went by what I would say but in this situation it seems I couldn’t do anything but sit around.
I was purely helpless.
And no matter how much I was fuming inside, my face could only wear an expression of blankness.
It wasn’t until the man finally finished that he was satisfied.

He put me back down, let his head rest on my lap and hugged my waist.
There was almost no spa

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