Qiao Yu took a few steps back.
Looking at Qiao Nian’s back, his frown deepened.

In a daze, he remembered his childhood again.

At that time, Qiao Nian had always liked to follow behind him, constantly calling him Brother Qiao Yu…

Qiao Yu’s throat involuntarily moved.
His eyes behind his glasses narrowed slightly as he tried his best to suppress the frustration in his heart.

Qiao Yu pursed his thin lips and clenched his fists tightly.

The little girl had grown up and was no longer obedient.

Qiao Nian and Lu Zhu walked to the dining room.
There were fewer people here, so she heaved a sigh of relief.

Now that the auction had yet to begin, the scene just now had already attracted a lot of resentment.

Especially from those women who liked Lu Zhu and Qiao Yu.
They probably wanted to kill her directly!

Recalling the nasty words those people had said just now, Lu Zhu looked at Qiao Nian worriedly and said, “Those people are just spouting nonsense.
Don’t take it to heart!”

Qiao Nian smiled indifferently and said, “I’m fine.”

Actually, Qiao Nian was already used to those bad comments.
She had always been too lazy to fuss about them.
If those people really dared to attack her, she would definitely take revenge ten or a hundred times over.

Lu Zhu was slightly stunned.
Seeing how calm Qiao Nian was, it seemed that she really wasn’t affected by what those people had said.

For some reason, Lu Zhu recalled Qiao Nian’s speech at the medical school.

At that time, Qiao Nian had calmly faced those bad critics and directly gave a beautiful speech.

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A trace of curiosity flashed across Lu Zhu’s eyes.
Qiao Nian had a carefree personality, but why did she always give him a strange look every time she saw him?

Just as Lu Zhu was about to ask about Qiao Nian’s personality, he saw that she had already returned to her usual self.

Lu Zhu suddenly remembered the way Qiao Yu looked at Qiao Nian.
It was a possessive look that a man had when he looked at a woman.
Almost subconsciously, he asked, “Is Qiao Yu your biological brother?”

“No, I hav

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