Miguel is sweet and we share a lot in common. For one we are both wolves, then he knows everything about me, He was the one Alfred assigned to me in Canada. So Miguel has his own life here. A job as a psychologist, and a normal girlfriend and he is happy.

So Im visiting Miguel today to talk.

Max believes that Miguel is my cousin because I told him so.

Its all lies and lies but its these little lies that give me a normal life.

I left vine valley with the hope of sending starting anew here in Toronto and its been going well.

Miguel could see on my face that I wanted to spill something when I walked into his office.

My wolf has been trying to come out for a while now. Normally when I was in vine valley, I would go for runs in my wolf form to release it and Ill feel better. But I haven been able to do that. I have been suppressing it, with the hope that itll get tired and leave me the hell alone,

Hence the almost changing in front of my boyfriend last night

”Spill Jade… ” He said.

”it happened last night, it almost happened in front of Max ”

”But it didn right? ” Miguel enquired in fear.

”I had to lie to get away, it was like my whole body was rioting against me.

I had to change in an alley. ” I explained.

”Well, how long did you go between the ruins this time? ” Miguel is concerned.

”37 days.? ” I couldn really tell

”Are you insane? ” He Yelled.

”I don know, you
e the shrink. ”

Psychologist ” he corrected. ”Well, the offer stands if you want to run with me, I miss running in a pack. ”

”Ok Miguel, don take this the wrong way, I love you and I am grateful to have you in the city, but I don want to run. Period! ”

”Ok but you have to get on the schedule. Once a week otherwise this is going to keep happening. You push the change until it finally overtakes you… ”

To be sincere, I miss running with the pack. Its what keeps me sane and I have been suppressing it for a while which triggered my unplanned change yesterday

There was a buzzing sound that came from the door.

”Thats y 11 oclock, ” Miguel said and I knew my time here was up.

”Do you want to grab a sandwich for the road? ” Miguel offered, pointing at the beefy sandwiches on his table.

I couldn resist it so I grabbed all of it, stuffed it in my bag, and kissed him goodbye.


I proceed to have lunch with Maxs sister Jessica at the blue blossom. She is one of my closest friends and she did me the honor of me to her brother. At least I have two of the Armanis on my side.

Jessica is so concerned about being super skinny when she is just in perfect shape. I ordered a delicious blueberry brownie and she couldn get her eyes off it. I urged her to have some but she wouldn .

When she sees me eat little things, she goes all ”I don know how you keep in shape. ”

If she experiences me eating for real, shell get fat by just watching me.

And if she finds out why I keep in shape, shell die.

”Are you ready for tonight? ” Jess asked.

Oh yes, tonight, Maxs companys award night, I will have to meet the whole family, and the thought alone stresses me.

The full Armani family would be there including Maxs mother, dear God.

”The Entire Armani family together at last, ” Jess announced.

My blueberry cake tasted sour in my mouth immediately Jess reminded me of the party.

”Yeah, I can wait to spend more time with your mom. ” I sarcastically

”Don worry, well get you through it, ” Jessica said and we both giggled.

My phone beeped and I saw a message from Jeremy.

You need to call Home. This is the last thing I need now dear God.

So Ill just ignore the shit of this message.

Will I want to go home? I don care what the emergency is, the Garcias need to get their shit together without me.

Alfred is such an alpha. When any little thing happens, he always wants the whole pack to be together.

But Im not interested in that.


Im at the award gathering and Im starving. I took four sticks of kebab from one of the waiters and shove in…oh so satisfying…

Max walked up to me while I tried to push down the rest of the meat off my throat so I had to swallow immediately and get rid of the sticks behind.

He served me a glass of whiskey and we shared a toast.

”To Max Carrington, marketing guru extraordinaire. ” I toasted

”To you, creative can create without a muse…brace yourself, incoming… ” Max said so I turned around all to see his little sister.

”Ah, thats my big bro, Max! ” Sarah said in excitement as she hugged him happily.

This is the first time with Maxs youngest sister, Sarah.

”Oh my God, you are way prettier than Jess described. ” She said with giggles.

”You must be Sarah, ” I said stretching out my arm as we exchanged hugs.

”Lovely to see you again Emerald… ” I heard an older voice from behind. Oh damn! Its Maxs evil mom, Martha. I hate her so much!

One of the main reasons why I was hesitant to come to this party was.

I giggled uncomfortably.

”Im so glad you could make it, ” I said

”Oh, um, Ive…been going to maxs since he was born. I haven missed one yet. ” She said with the intent to embarrass me. She never let the bitch in her slide.

”Im so happy YOU could make it, ” Martha said.

”Of course ” I smiled.

”Lets get you a drink, mother. ” Jess interrupted the awkward conversation, taking her mother away from me.

I used one of my fore senses to listen to their conversation as they walked away from us.

”Im allowed to be picky about my sons choices, ” Martha said.

e not. Hes a grown man. ” Jess interrupted.

”Hes also my only son. And he met her on a blind date. ”

”Yeah set up by me… ” Jess defended.

I got out of their conversation as they came closer and engaged in the conversation that is right before me.

”Kudos on beating me to the alter. ” Max congratulated his little sister on her upcoming wedding.

”I have one bit of advice for you; elope ” Sarah blushed.

”I hope the wedding preparations are not stressing you out, ” Max asked in concern.

”Im good, honestly everything is fine. Its just a lot to do in the next two weeks. ” Sarah replied.

”if you need any help, just let me know. ” I put in my two cents just to get involved in the conversation.

”Oh, God no! Mother won let anyone come near the preparations. ” Sarah said.

Of course, she won !

”The only thing you need to worry about is finding a dress, ” Jess said to me.

”oh, I thought Id just wear this dress, ” I said.

”w…. ” Martha butted in with a very judgmental look.

How could I be so foolish? I shouldn say that in front of Martha even as a joke.

”oh what was I thinking? I should find something special for the occasion. ” I tried to save myself from the silly ditch I just fell into.

”I will sort you out tomorrow, right? ” Jess came with a saving rope again.

”To all the ladies in my life, finally together. I wouldn want to do this night any other way. ” Max toast came to ease the tension.

The award program has started and Max is giving his speech when my phone vibrated very loudly and it didn go unnoticed by Martha.

Of course, Martha is about to smite me with her looks as if she had supernatural power. How can I interrupt her sons special event? How stupid of me!

I excused myself from the noise and cheering to go pick up the call from Miguel.

”What is it? ”

”How come you didn call Alfredback? ” Miguel asked urgently.

”I haven had a chance yet ”

”A girl was killed by a Rouge in the bear valley. Alfred called a meet. He expects us all to be there as a family obligation. ”

”Not my family anymore, not my obligation, ” I replied firmly.

”Just call him back. You know you have to. ” Miguel paused ”Or at least meet me and I can tell you what I know. ”

”Whatever, Ill call. ” I ended the call to go back to the celebration.

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