Model Ceo

Chapter 10

” Sir what are you planning for your future moves for your company ? ” The interviewer said .

” Why would I unveil my plans if i know that my ennemies are everywhere ? ” He said blankly .

” Okay ” the interviewer respond back ” but is it true that the way your making money is illegal by selling drugs and that you
e not really a Ceo ? ” He blurted out .

All the people in the room were horrified at the question cause he could be sue or lost his job for that but he took the risk to clear all doubts giving by the population .

” You know my name , not my story . Youve heard what Ive done , not what Ive being trough . If you were in my shoe . ” He looked at the camera for a brief second and said ” youd fall in the first step . ” you could clearly see he was trying to provoque his ennemi who tried to ruin him .

Looking back at the interviewer he said ” Some people dream of success while I wake up and work for it . I will do everything right as long it is to work forward expect for illegal things . ” He responded calmly ,

And said to conclude this question ” you , all of you ! ” He said pointing at the cameras and at the audience ” are stupid for believing such absurdities with absolutely no proof , you can accuse someone by false propagandas . ”

” Sir , what do you want to say to the ones talking behind your back , I mean your haters ? ” The interviewer impressed said all smily for being this honored to ask question to the most popular Ceo of the biggest company of modeling kim Taehyung .

The interviewer is relieved for not being yelled at for his question .

” I don worry about those who talk behind my back , they
e behind me for a reason . They run their mouth , I run my business . ” He said coldly with no expression on his face .

Other people in the room were stunned at his defensive words .

” Last question sir , could you give some words of encouragement to the kids out there , for them to continue to follow their dreams ? ” The interviewer said .

Replying back he looked at the camera ,

” Knowledge is the treasure . ” He pauses for a moment trying to find the right words and said ” practice is the key to it . Health is the greatest possession . Contentment is the greatest test to this treasure . ”

He looked at the audience in the room and look back at the camera ” Confidence is the greatest friend but not to much for you to not walk near your failure or to fall directly in it . Success is as dangerous as failure . ”

He hold his hand into a fist as he said with a wave of tears which he quickly push away , no one noticing ” Hope is as hollow as fear . ”

Releasing his hand , looking straight at the camera , you could clearly see the feet of the cameraman shaking from the cold gaze which was piercing his poor soul through the lens .

He culminates by saying ” if you aren afraid of dying there is absolutely nothing you can achieve . ”

Everyone in the room applause at his great choice of words the interviewer standing up bowing to him saying ” sorry sir for my unprofessional questions . ”

Taehyung stands up giving him a sign to stand straight and said ” I really like the guts that you have , like I said Confidence is the greatest friend , do you perhaps want to work for me ? ”

The man bowed again and said smiling brightly ” yes sir it will be a pleasure to work for you . ”

” By the way whats your name ? ” Taehyung said .

” Jung Hoseok sir . ” He replied .

” Wait Hobi !!! ” Taehyung respond .

” I thought you forget me ! ” he said smiling brighter than before .

” Hobi you change i couldn recognize you , i mis- . ” Taehyung was cut off by ,

Hobi s boss who thought that the interview was already done comes yelling ,



” But Mr Han im terribly sorry but i had t-to-…. to clear all the doubts for the audience . ”

Mr Han pre-yelled ,

” YOU are still FIRED . ”

” And now you
e the one sued , Ms chan bring the files of this morning . ” Taehyung said sternly without looking at her and continued ” How dare you to talk to my friend like that ? ”

Mr Han gasps and said ,

” Mr Kim I didn know he was your friend , im sorry it was not what I meant , please understand . ” Jointing his hands together .

” So you have to know whos my friend to have respect for a citizen , i did not expect that from you Mr Han if it was not what you meant then what did i heard before , was I death ? Shame on you for this bad image you
e giving to yourself right now , hope you learned from your mistakes . ” He replied .

” Yes Mr Kim I will learned and i-i will no-ot do that again and we have a collaboration together , we should purchase after that not to dull things . ” He said hopefully to get away with no troubles but he was totally wrong .

” Don get your hopes to high , firering my friend is not a dull thing im still suing you . And your showing a bad behavior to other people and also for my company . ” He said coldly pointing at the camera .

” No please Mr Kim you can im not collaborating with you anymore and turn off this freaking camera . ” He shrieks kneeling down literally crying .

” Did you perhaps forgot you already signed since the beginning of this interview and no ! don turn it off were not done yet . ” Taehyung said back .

” Here Mr Kim the file you ask for . ” Ms Chan said the 10th secretary but her second day , I think you already understand why he keeps on firing the others who were interested by this job for some diverse focal point .

” Thank you Ms Chan you were fast thats impressive . ” He replied .

” Always have everything ready for you sir . ” She said seductively which everyone ignores while she just rolled her eyes from vexation for not being the center of attention .

” From what I know in this contract you
e not the boss anymore since you sold it to me but you have in higher position than everyone which is manager so you
e the one fired now not Jung Hoseok . ”

” No you cannot its my propriety . ” Mr Han said standing up about to attack him .

” Ohh really and its even stamp by the maire of this country . ” Taehyung said .

” GUARDS ! ” Taehyung yelled with his deep voice making everyone flinch , the men came rushing to them ” you know what do with him . ” he continued while pointing at him with the files still in his hands .

” INAPPROPRIATE , A SCA** . ” Mr Han yelled into a high pitch voice , they drag him outside while his attempting to get away from them .

Taehyung sat back down all calmly like nothing happened cause he knew what he was doing was right .

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