Mob Hires

4. Information


I was tired of working. We been trying to find the killer for a couple of months, but hes so good he leaves no trace, not even bullets. All we know is that he is a professional and that he is killing people who work in mafias or small dealers, but despite that, they do not deserve to die at the hands of another person.

My partner, Derek, and I had been investigating these murders for months, and we hadn found anything about the killer. I was beginning to get a little desperate not to find anything, but that was not all. There were rumors that the leaders of the Russian mafia would come to Italy to do an arms smuggling business, and it is not known with whom yet, some think it is with the Titano di Ferro, but I am not so sure about that, yes. something that I have learned in these years that I am behind that guy, is that he does not do business with the Russians, I do not know the reason, but that is what he does.

Just then my partner walks up to me, and I know from his face that there is no evidence of the killer in our new victim.

-We still have nothing.

– I know, you can see it in your face.

-This is starting to make me desperate, and I don want to close the cases, no matter how much they are criminals, they don deserve to die like this.

-I know, but they really are good whoever he is killing.

-As far as we know, hes just one person.

-We cannot take anything for granted, and from my point of view a person cannot be so careful and not leave any evidence.

I know, but its possible.

-I think there is something behind these deaths. All present blows and then shots. Its as if they were trying to get information out of him and when they get it they kill him to leave no evidence.

– Do you think the Italian mafia is behind this?

-No, they are not so careful, they don leave evidence, but you know its them. Instead, with all these victims we have no idea who it was.

– Some new mob?

-If it was a mafia, they would make it clear that it was them, and that is not the case, they hide.

-We have to find them as soon as possible to be able to focus on the Russians. According to my sources they will appear here in a few days, and it seems that the Titano di Ferro mafia is behind all this.

-Its the Russians, so I doubt it.

-Years ago if they did business with them, they can come back.

-I doubt it. I don know what reasons they have for not doing business, I just know that they don do it anymore.

-I have no idea, but I have heard another thing and that, if it is true, it will not be good for us or for the city.

– What did you hear?

-In the street there is talk that a war between mafias is going to start. They are arming.

– What mob?

-The Titano di Ferro and the other. It is said that these go against the Italians.

-If thats true, this is going to become hell and nothing safe for anyone.

-I know, thats why Im telling you that we have to put an end to this mysterious murderer as soon as possible, because if not, we
e going to have a big problem.

-Yes, thats why, lets finish this or leave it for later. I think its more important to prevent that war from happening than to discover that killer soon. Im sure well catch it soon.

-I hope so, and Im with you, first we have to end this war that is about to take place.

-Then, we are going to leave the case of the mysterious murderer aside?

-Only until we avoid the war between mafias that is going to take place.

-It seems fair to me.


Right now we were in my room to pack all my clothes, well I was doing it by myself since Megan was sitting around looking around the room. Wed spent the whole afternoon playing with Alison, and I have to admit I haven had this much fun in a long time.

– Why haven I been in this room for a long time?

-Well, I don know, you should ask yourself that.

-Well, I really don have the slightest idea why.

-Then don pretend that I know why.

-Okay, okay, I understand, now to what we come.

-Its actually what you came for.

-Yes, yes, you
e right, but its something important that gives me the feeling that the two of us have been doing separately and that it has to do with us.

-Explain yourself.

-Don play dumb, you know what Im talking about.

-I know, but I will give you the opportunity to explain what you mean on your part, because for my part I know that you know.

-Okay, so Ill explain. The last couple of months Ive been researching where we can find those bastards who had us locked up for years and Ive discovered things.

– What things?

-That the police were chasing them and that they had to leave. Guess where they went.

-To Russia, that is nothing new.

-Then I hope this is it. There is talk on the streets that they will return in a couple of weeks to close down an arms deal, I think.

-I confirm it, they
e coming, and its less than a couple of weeks, rather, its within a couple of days.

– What?

-What you heard, and if it weren for this trip that dad wants to take, he would have caught them and finished what we had planned to do to them.

– Were you going to take revenge without me?

-No dear, I was not going to take revenge without you. I was going to notify you the moment we had them in my possession.

-I like that.

-Of course, but now I can do it because dad wants us away from here for some reason.

-I have heard that a war is brewing.

-Ive heard something like that, and thats what I was going to confirm tonight.

-And you weren going to tell me.

-No, this is something I have to do on my own.

-You know, apparently there is a murderer on the streets who is killing people who have to do with drug trafficking and all the things that dad and people he knows are dedicated to and who doesn leave a single trace.

-I know.

-Do you know who he is?

-Yes, If I don know bad.

-I don understand.

-Do we have to talk about this right now Megan?

-I knew it had to be you, there is no one as good as you at that.

-Sorry, but I didn kill them all, much less take care not to leave evidence.

-For that you will have people at your disposal.


-And why do I never see them with you taking care of yourself and why do you hang out with Adriano who is not good at his job?

-First of all, if you see him, and second, it may be that Adriano is useless at his job, but he is the person I trust and I know he can do the job, although lately it seems that he is starting to have a hard time finishing off people.

-But thats what he does.

-I told him the same thing, I just hope he understands that if he doesn do what I tell him, he goes after that person. Then yes, I will have no choice but to do the dirty work.

-We have to find people on our own and without dad knowing.

-Im on it, give me a couple of days.

-So, shall we join? If separately we have already obtained information, together we can achieve everything we set out to do.

-It seems to me, but this must be kept away from Alison and Analissa, but above all from Francesco, the least that nobody has to find out.

– Because?

-Come on, dad is trying by all means to prevent us from getting into his world.

-Well, hes screwed up, because weve gotten into it headlong.

-Thats what I think, but this will end the moment we find those bastards.

-Exactly, but meanwhile, I think we should go back to training like we did years ago, to prevent anything.

-We have the race and I have Alison.

-Come on, we always find a way to train, even when you were pregnant we trained. Im not telling you to take up Alisons time, because I wouldn even ask you to do something like that, but we have to train. In college time if necessary.

– Isn it you who found it difficult to study and things stayed in your head?

-Thats a cover to, in theory, spend more time in the library…

-But at that time you were devoting yourself to looking for information about those guys.

-Exactly, thats why its better that we join forces. Also, I think we better get some shooting practice, though from what I understand, youve improved a lot since we last practiced.

-I have improved somewhat, but not much.

-Well see about that, now Im going to pack my suitcase, well leave in a couple of hours.

-Im going to pack Alisons suitcase.

– And you won wake her up?

-Alison is a heavy sleeper like her aunt…

-Hey, don mess with my heavy sleeper. Would you like to sleep like I do?

-Thats true, but hey, go pack, well talk about our plan later.

-Okay, rest.

-I tell you the same thing.

-Wait, before I left, weren you going to see a guy who was going to give you information?

-Yeah, what about that?

-Im going with you.

-Its not necessary, Ill manage alone.

-No way, Im thinking of going with you, besides, now we
e a team.

-Okay, but well have to go after Adriano.

-Well go for Adriano, see you in a while, little sister. And Im warning you that if you leave without me, Ill let Dad know and Ill have him look for you all over Italy if necessary.

-Im not leaving without you, this is going to be fun.

-Thats what I say, see you.

– At the back door in an hour.

-At her command captain.

-Stop fooling around and go pack.

With that we left my room, me to go to my daughters room and Megan to her own and pack their bags to leave early tomorrow. It was two in the morning and their flight left at six, so they had a little less than two hours to get all the information out of that guy and go home so that no one would suspect that they had left, much less our father found out we had left.

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