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2. We Need To Talk


Today I had woken up in a bad mood because I hadn been able to sleep well. Id had a nightmare of the time Megan and I were locked in that filthy basement with some other girls. We had spent twelve years of our lives there until we managed to escape.

Luckily for us, Analissa, our adoptive mother, had welcomed us into her house with her husband and our adoptive father, Francesco, and since then we had lived well and nobody had messed with us, I don know if it was because of everything we had done the last time they tried to do it or because of the gorillas that we always had behind us since our father is what he wanted, because of what he said to protect us, which I am sure he saw as necessary since he was dedicated to drug trafficking and arms trafficking for all the world. In the streets he was known as the Titano di Ferro, he was the biggest Italian narco there was at the moment, and a very influential one I must say.

At this moment he was going to the dining room to have breakfast and where the others would surely be waiting for me. As soon as I arrive, both my mom and dad smile at me, but looking at Megan, I know she knows Im not okay.

-Hello dear, how did you sleep?

-Well and good morning everyone. Alisons not down yet?

-No, today she goes to school later.

-You can take her, I have to take care of something and I won be able to take her.

-Don worry, Ill be happy to take it.

-Thanks Mom.

– Know that you are a liar Alexandra.

-Don call your sister that, Megan.

-She is not telling the truth. She looks far from sleep well.

– Is that true, Ale?

-I haven slept well because we
e finishing exams and Im a little stressed, thats all.

-But you spend the day studying, youll see how youll have very good grades.

-Thats the intention mom.

-Your mother is right, you shouldn worry so much about that. I am very proud of you girls and glad to be able to call you daughters.

-We are also happy, dad, we love you very much.

-Thats true.

-Thanks to your mother who was the one who found you and brought you home.

-They have nothing to be thankful for, it was enough that everyone let them go without paying the slightest attention.

-Believe me, Id rather they didn pay attention to me than they did and they were assholes.

-That mouth, Megan.

-I am sorry.

-Mom, Megan is right, I prefer that the others had not noticed or ignored us, because if it weren for that, we wouldn be here, so its the best thing that could have happened to us.

I had sat at the table next to Megan and she was looking at me. She knows very well what is happening to me and that what I told both Analissa and Francesco is a lie, but I don want to worry them with my problems about what happened years ago.

-By the way, girls, your psychologist called me telling me that you
e still not talking.

-Im not going to tell anything to an unknown dad, you can have that more than clear.

-Hes just trying to help you.

-I don care, Im not going to tell my life to someone who is always smiling and he tells you that you have to take everything out that can affect him when he doesn even follow his own advice.

-Alexandra is right, if we learned anything it was to read body language, and if he doesn even follow his own advice, we are less likely to do it.

-Then Ill find someone else to take care of you.

-Stop psychologists dad, because Im not going to talk to anyone.

-But you have to talk about what happened in there.

– No way. Im not going to talk about it with anyone.

-Ale, your father is right, the best thing is that you get that out of you.

-Megan to do what she wants, but I am more than clear that I will not do that. And now if youll excuse me, Im going to the garden.


I listened as Megan told them that she was going to talk to me, but she didn want to talk to anyone. I wanted to be alone, but this being Megan, she wasn going to leave me alone until I talked to her. We only talked to each other about what had happened in there and that didn happen very often because we wanted to forget about it at all costs, but I was beginning to understand that that wasn possible. When I was a little way from the house, I sat down on the grass and waited for Megan to do the same next to me.

-You had nightmares again right?

-This is bullshit.

-I know, it seems that they will never go away. The same dad and mom are right.

– In what?

-In which to speak will be the best.

-Im not going to talk about it Megan, you do what you want, but I know that if I talk Ill feel worse than I feel right now.

-I think the same. Also, all the psychologists weve been sent to over the years are all fakers, or just gawking at us.

-They are the worst.

-I know.

-What he asked me is where those guys are stuck.

-I don have the slightest idea, not even dads men can find it, and thats already complicated.

-I think the same. But I want to finish them off. Make them suffer like they did with us.

-Don worry, well take revenge, we just have to be patient. At some point theyll come out of hiding and screw it up, and thats where well be.

e going to shit.

-Obviously, after all, we are Dangelo, daughters of the fearsome Titano di Ferro.

-In case they knew how he really is, they wouldn be so afraid of him.

-I prefer that they are afraid of him, that way they are less gangsters who can confront him.

-But more than they want the power that he has.

-Dad has a lot of people who take care of him, so we shouldn worry about something happening to him.

-There are always moles Megan, you should know.

-I know, but I prefer to think that they don have them and that these people really appreciate dad.

-I hope the same, because then we will have a big problem.

– Do you know Ale?

– What?

-The other day I heard dad talk about how he had to prepare us.

– Prepare for what?

-I haven the faintest idea.

-I guess hell talk to us when he decides its time to prepare.

-I was thinking that maybe it was for us to defend ourselves, but for that he already sends us to martial arts and self-defense classes.

-He will tell us when the time is right.

-Come on, we
e late for college. And trust me, I don want to get another row for being late.

– Is the fearsome Megan afraid of getting a fight from the rector? I can not believe it.

-Im not afraid of the rector, but I remind you that we do this so that mom and dad feel proud of us. That you don mind being late or not going to class at all doesn mean that I can afford to miss class. Not all of us have your privileged brain.

-Its not, I just prefer to do things that keep my mind busy, and sitting in class listening to someone read a book doesn help me achieve my goal.

-Then I must suppose that today you are not going to class.

– Clever girl.

– And what will you distract yourself with?

-I don have to tell you my whole life, my dear.

-I just hope you
e not going to sleep with Adriano again. As soon as dad finds out, he orders him to cut his jugular.

-I do not care to. Besides, in any case, if Dad finds out that hes more aware of the girls who walk in front of his nose than taking care of us, hell finish him anyway.

-Thats true, and hes fine with it. I just hope you don get attached to him.

-There are few people that I show my love to, and not even to you, so don expect me to get attached to an asshole who throws himself at everything that moves.

e in that group.

-Excuse me, but I go with him because I can and because I must admit that he moves well in bed.

-I don know how you
e able to sleep with someone after everything weve been through.

-Because he helps me not to think and you tell him to stop and he does, not like those animals.

-I would like to have your courage, Ale, I really tell you, now lets go before its dad who kills us.

We got up from the lawn and went into the house to get our things. We said goodbye to our parents and got into the car. When we got to the university, Megan said goodbye to me and walked into the university while I had Adriano attached to my ass.

– Do you want to stop looking at me like that? idiot

-Im sorry miss.

-For the next one, Ill cut off what you have between your legs, understood?

-Yes. Where do you want to go today?

-We are going to visit an acquaintance who I hope has the information I need.

-As Miss Dangelo commands.

We got in the car and drove to the address she had given him. These were the moments she used to investigate the whereabouts of those assholes, because she couldn wait any longer. I know Francesco was doing whatever it took to find them, but that wasn enough for me anymore. I needed to find them and finish them off with my bare hands. This is what I was spending my time on and not sleeping like Adriano like Megan thought. I never slept with anyone after what we went through in there, I had only confirmed it for him so he wouldn interfere in my business. I won let him get blood on his hands over a couple of assholes, Ill take care of that. I was not going to allow the girl who had always been by my side in there and the one who was loyal to me and a good person, to stain her hands, before on top of my corpse.

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